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  1. Sighting request: Where can I find Corydoras panda?
  2. Sighting request : NLS Thera A+
  3. Sighting request: Where to find Zebra Oto, Otocinclus cocama?
  4. river sand
  5. L033
  6. Sighting request: Where to find Anentome helena, the killer snail?
  7. sighting request: where to buy fishing line to tie moss
  8. 6 Nov 2008 @ Polyart & C328: Fauna
  9. Sighted: Red Nose Shrimp
  10. Want to find Tetra : Nematobrycon lacortei
  11. Wanted to find discus : Heckel discus
  12. where is wuhu ?
  13. Old packaging of Tetra Flourish Pride
  14. Sighting request: Where to find Platinum Cardinal Tetra?
  15. any aquariums at beach road ?
  16. Sighting request: Where to find B/C grade CRS?
  17. Sighting Request for emperor tetra
  18. Sighting request: Where to find Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's (Rocio octofasciata)?
  19. [Request] Garra rufa (original Dr Fish)
  20. Sighting Request: African Dwarf Frogs
  21. Sighting at C328 : 20 nov 08
  22. 21th Nov 08: Dwarf cichlid at C328
  23. 21 Nov 2008 @ C328: Paretroplus menarambo & Etroplus canarensis
  24. Where to buy Sudo Bottom sand (5kg) from LFS!?
  25. [Request] Reefone Biube or Biorb style tanks.
  26. [Sighted] 25 Nov 08: Zebra otos @ C328
  27. Which LFS sells ketapang leaves?
  28. [Sighted] Mini Orange lobster
  29. [Request] Shells
  30. [Sighted] 28 Nov 2008 @ Polyart and C328: Fauna
  31. Where to find ember tetras?
  32. Where to find Pterophyllum altum (Altum Angelfish)?
  33. Where can I find the smallest gourami?
  34. [Request] Where to find ready supply of sakura shrimps
  35. Where can I find female Dario dario?
  36. [Request] Looking for black Seachem Flourite
  37. Where can I find small pebbles?
  38. [Request] Crayfish
  39. Where can I find Peckoltia sp. L134?
  40. Where can I find these crabs?
  41. [Request] Sighting request for Corydoras napoensis
  42. [Sighted] Opae Ula - Hawaiin Red Shrimp
  43. [Sighted] Fresh water crabs.
  44. [Request] NLS cichlid and growth formula
  45. [Request] Killer Snails - Anentome helena
  46. [Request] White's Treefrog
  47. [Request] malayan shrimp
  48. [Request] Where can I find Sakura shrimp in bags of ten?
  49. [Sighted] 15 Dec 08: Spotted at C328
  50. [Request] Sighting request: L201, L129, L340
  51. [Sighted] Microrasbora sp. Galaxy
  52. [Request] places to buy neolamprologus species
  53. [Request] Where to buy cheap high grade CRS?
  54. [Request] Where can I find Anentome helena, the assassin snail?
  55. [Sighted] Heckel discus
  56. [Request] Corydoras similis
  57. Where to get platy fishes?
  58. [Sighted] 30 dec 08: tiger otos at C328.
  59. [Request] Where to find Dwarf Pencil Fish
  60. [Request] Looking for Blue Turquoise Discus..
  61. [Sighted] 30 Dec 08: Tiger otto (and others) at Midori
  62. [Request] Ancistrus sp. Bristlenose Plecos (juvenile)
  63. [Request] Looking for L236
  64. [Request] Sighting: Microrasbora sp. Galaxy
  65. [Request] Channa bleheri. Rainbow Snakehead
  66. [Sighted] Corydoras bicolor at C328
  67. [Request] Where to find Sundadanios?
  68. Where can I find Blue Diamond Discus?
  69. [Sighted] 5 Jan 09: Apistogramma at Biotope Aquarium
  70. [Request] Sundadanio axelrodi 'blue'
  71. [Request] Live Daphnia (aka 'boon'/ water flea)
  72. [Sighted] 8 Jan 09: Golden eyes blue tiger at NA
  73. [Request] Looking for Boraras brigittae
  74. [Request] Axelrodia riesei - ruby tetra
  75. [Request] Hyphessobrycon haraldschultzi (crystal red tetra)
  76. [Sighted] 14 Jan 09: L046 Hypancistrus zebra @ C328
  77. [Sighted] Where to get tiger lotus seed?
  78. [Request] Where to find small plecos?
  79. [Request] Where can I find Betta pallifina?
  80. [Request] L183
  81. [Request] Looking for rainbowfish
  82. [Request] Where can I find tiger shrimps?
  83. [Sighted] 19 Jan 2009 @ C328: Laetacara sp. "Cachoeira Do Arari"
  84. [Request] Dernelle brown quartz 10kg bags
  85. [Request] Help! Where to get Ember tetras to keep with my Blue Rams?
  86. [Sighted] New Dwarf crayfish at Petmart
  87. [Request] Small branchy drift wood for 1ft tank
  88. [Request] Corydoras elegans
  89. [Request] Malayan Shrimps
  90. [Request] Daphnia eggs: Where to buy?
  91. [Request] Big/Long Slates
  92. [Request] Corydoras schultzei & Corydoras seussi
  93. [Sighted] purple harlequin rasbora
  94. [Request] Aspidoras pauciradiatus
  95. [Request] Riccardia graeffei (Mini Pellia)
  96. [Request] Any happening fishes at C328?
  97. [Request] Zebra oto & Coral Red Pencil Fish
  98. C. habrosus sighting
  99. [Request] Fissidens zippelianus
  100. [Request] Denerelle Brown Sand 10kgs
  101. [Request] where can i buy many and cheap yamatos?
  102. Malayan, Brown Camo and Cardinal shrimp
  103. [Request] sakura shrimp
  104. [Request] Adult Whiptail Catfishes
  105. [Request] Botia striata
  106. [Request] Clown killies aka rocket panchax
  107. [Sighted] Tylomelania sp. snails
  108. [Request] Price Check: Seaview XL and Jumbo size Cardinal Tetras
  109. [Request] What's available in Biotope now??
  110. [Request] Bumblebee snail
  111. [Request] Sparkling gourami
  112. [Request] Where to find Giant Betta?
  113. [Request] Yellow sulawesi snails
  114. [Request] ADA Kurokinryu Stones
  115. [Request] C.caudimaculatus
  116. [Request] Mandarine/ Orange crab (Geosesarma notophorum)
  117. [Request] marimo balls
  118. [Request] Boraras maculatus
  119. [Request] Axelrodia riesei
  120. [Sighted] Boraras brigittae
  121. [Request] White plastic mesh with small holes
  122. [Sighted] Y618: Clown killies, Sundanio Axelrodi 'Green', etc...
  123. [Sighted] C328: Bettas and Dwarf Cichlids
  124. [Request] Ferka Rosetta
  125. [Sighted] BETTA UBERIS (from Tayang) at C328
  126. [Request] Brine Shrimp Eggs in the East
  127. [Request] Sulawesi plants
  128. [Request] Shirakura supplements
  129. REQUEST: shrimp black panda
  130. [Request] Trigonostigma espei
  131. [Sighted] Nannacara adoketa at Biotope
  132. [Request] Rosie Barbs (Puntius conchonius)
  133. [Request] Horned nerite snails
  134. [Request] Looking for Betta mandor
  135. [Sighted] Qian Hu
  136. [Sighted] German Rams
  137. [Request] pH & Temperature Montior
  138. [Sighted] Cichlids and Betta at C328
  139. [Request] Tiger Oto
  140. where to get L134?
  141. [Sighted] new type of sulawesi snails>>at least new to me...
  142. [Request] Any kind of Sulawesi plants for a biotope setup
  143. [Request] Puntius denisonii
  144. [Sighted] Orange Otos
  145. [Request] malayan shrimps in the east
  146. [Sighted] Orange OTO
  147. Searching for fish food
  148. [Sighted] Biotope 20% clearance on Apistogramma!!
  149. [Request] Which LFS has the largest collection of Cory to choose?
  150. [Request] lfs in the east selling ramhorns and malayns
  151. [Request] Sighting Request: Crystal Red Tetra
  152. [Request] Apistogramma Indriidae Females
  153. [Request] Tanganyikan Shellies
  154. [Request] Betta channoides
  155. [Sighted] English aquajournals
  156. [Request] Hanna PH Pen
  157. [Request] Any Small L46 Pleco
  158. [Request] Any headstanders lately?
  159. [Sighted] Mickey Mouse Platy (White) + Corydoras
  160. [Sighted] LFS selling butterfly fish & ramshorn snails.
  161. [Request] Wild betta or apistos at C328?
  162. [Request] Looking for C. margaritatus & various pencil fishes
  163. [Request] Cherax bluemoon/Cherax hoa creek
  164. [Request] Channa bankanensis/ orientalis / sp Assam
  165. Zebra Oto Sighting request: 22 May 2009
  166. [Request] Green Fire Tetra
  167. [Request] Red Phantom Tetra (Megalamphodus sweglesi)
  168. [Sighted] just saw Zebra Oto
  169. [Request] HiBlow Air Pump
  170. [Sighted] Corydoras aeneus sp. gold line (a.k.a. orange stripe, orange laser)
  171. [Request] LFS with good collection of show bettas
  172. [Request] Geosesarma notophorum. Orange/Mandarin crab.
  173. good shops that sell eheim products?
  174. which LFS sell shrimps?
  175. [Request] A pair of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (German Ram)
  176. [Sighted] Apistogramma gibbiceps and bitaeniata
  177. [Request] Looking for Hikari Micro Pellets
  178. [Request] Parotocinclus jumbo LDA25
  179. [Request] Long finned bristlenose albino pleco
  180. [Request] Acarichthys heckelii
  181. [Request] Looking for African sucker mouth catfish
  182. [Request] Sighting: Lemon Tetra
  183. [Request] Hello anyone seen Parosphromenus species recently?
  184. [Request] Apistogramma
  185. [Request] Betta channoides pair
  186. [Sighted] Orange Oto, Corydoras sp. Goldlines and Corydoras sp. Green Laser
  187. [Sighted] 01st July 09 @ Fish Haven: Lower Xingu Plecos
  188. When can i buy Triops.
  189. [Request] Willow and Flame Moss (Loose Form)
  190. [Request] L134
  191. [Sighted] Paracyprichromis nigripinnis
  192. [Request] Unknown Danio?
  193. [Request] Platinum cardinal tetras or other cardinal tetra variants
  194. [Request] Cameroon Fan Shrimp
  195. [Sighted] Bedok LFS
  196. [Request] Trigonostigma espei
  197. [Sighted] Corydoras sp. "Gold shoulder"
  198. [Request] Pristella maxillaris (x ray tetra)
  199. [Request] Pelvicachromis and Nannochromis species
  200. [Sighted] Unknown Fish
  201. [Request] Corydoras pygmaeus, Corydoras similis, Corydoras hastatus
  202. Royal pleco?
  203. [Request] Royal Pleco and Cory "Green Laser"
  204. [Request] Looking for Neocaridina Yellow - Price & Where?
  205. [Sighted] Parotocinclus?
  206. [Sighted] Hypancistrus zebra -July 2009
  207. [Request] Rhinogobius duospilus
  208. [Request] Rhomb barb (Puntius rhomboocellatus)
  209. [Request] bee shrimp, malayan shrimp ,green shrimp
  210. [Request] ADA Amazonia I
  211. [Request] Discrossus filamentosus
  212. [Request] penguin tetras
  213. [Request] Water Lily
  214. [Request] L134 Peckoltia
  215. where to buy this plant ?
  216. [Sighted] Unknown Oto sp. & Zebra Otos @ Y618
  217. Where to buy ADA products?
  218. [Request] Corydoras - Green Laser or Gold Laser
  219. [Sighted] Huge Wild Red Spotted Green Discus
  220. [Request] L25 Psueda
  221. Any idea what grade of CRS LFS selling?
  222. [Request] Sighting for willow moss
  223. [Request] Any sighting of dwarf pencilfish?
  224. [Sighted] Pleco - Pseudacanthicus sp. L600
  225. [Sighted] Altum Angels
  226. [Sighted] new LFS at boon keng
  227. [Request] Boraras brigittae
  228. [Request] Poecilocharax Weitzmani
  229. [Request] Baby Fire Eel
  230. [Request] Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii)
  231. [Request] Dwarf Puffer or Figure 8 Puffer, either west/north area.
  232. [Sighted] Tiger Shrimp
  233. [Request] Tiger Shrimp
  234. [Request] Parosphromenus species
  235. [Request] Urgent. Sale Of Jellyfish
  236. [Sighted] L25, L600, L333 juveniles
  237. [Sighted] Trigonostigma hengeli or espei
  238. [Sighted] Sparkling Gouramis (aka dwarf croaking gourami)
  239. [Request] kribensis and Hoplosternum thoracatum
  240. [Request] green severum
  241. Where to get Daphnia magna (Bigger Species of Daphnia)?
  242. [Request] Malawi Cichlids
  243. [Request] golden panchax
  244. [Request] Red clarkii crayfish in the East - Bedok
  245. [Sighted] Altum angels at Fish Haven 21 Sept 2009
  246. [Request] Pearl Gourami
  247. [Request] Paradise Fish (Macropodus opercularis)
  248. [Request] German Rams
  249. [Request] Asian Rummynose (aka Sawbwa resplendens)
  250. [Sighted] L144 Pleco