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  1. [Request] cichlasoma portalegrense and cichlasoma bimaculatum
  2. [Request] Boraras Brigittae
  3. [Request] Blue acara
  4. [Request] Synodontis Angelicus
  5. [Request] Sundadanio axelrodi
  6. [Request] Firehead tetra
  7. [Request] Boraras brigittae - anyone seen them anywhere?
  8. [Sighted] 25 may 2012 New shipment spotted....!!!
  9. [Sighted] Tree Frogs spotted at C328
  10. [Sighted] Albino Full Red.
  11. [Sighted] Samurai gourami (sphaerichthys vaillanti)
  12. [Request] orchid lily(Barclaya longifolia) and boraras merah/micros
  13. [Request] Sicyopterus sp.
  14. [Request] Chinese high fin banded shark / Hi Fin Loach
  15. [Sighted] Betta rutilans at c328
  16. [Request] vampire crabs (red/orange)
  17. [Request] Marbled Hatchetfish
  18. [Request] Small Tank w Cover
  19. [Sighted] Exo Terra products at Tiong Bahru Wuhu
  20. [Request] Dennerle black quartz
  21. [Request] Tanga cichlids
  22. [Request] Garra Rufa
  23. [Request] Fahaka puffer anyone know where to get
  24. [Request] Neon gobies
  25. [Request] Quality German Ram pair and vampire crabs.
  26. [Sighted] Quality German Ram, Pinhead crickets, Mslayan Shrimps and Vampire Crabs
  27. [Request] Pike livebearer
  28. [Request] Andinoacara rivulatus (Green Terror Cichlid)
  29. [Request] green snakeskin/cobra strain guppy
  30. [Request] Betta of the Coccina complex
  31. [Sighted] Rare fish sighted
  32. [Request] gex genoah 100 betta stackable tank
  33. [Sighted] Pseudomugil gertrudae
  34. [Request] <2" Baby Indo Tiger
  35. [Request] chocolate gourami
  36. [Sighted] American Flagfish
  37. [Request] Boraras Maculata
  38. [Sighted] Parosphromenus sp.
  39. [Request] Farlowella Sp.
  40. [Request] Nerite snail anywhere in Singapore
  41. [Request] Hermit crab (other than C328)
  42. [Sighted] New LFS besides polyart
  43. [Request] Altolamprologus Calvus (Black Congo White Pearl)
  44. [Request] German blue ram
  45. [Request] Red-tailed Rasbora
  46. [Request] Bolivian Ram
  47. [Request] Stiphodon atropurpureus (Blue Neon Goby)
  48. [Sighted] Stiphodon sp. 'ST02' Fire/Rainbow Goby
  49. [Request] Flame Moss
  50. [Request] Banjo catfish
  51. [Request] Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black
  52. [Sighted] C328 closed from 4th may(Saturday to 7th May(Tuesday)
  53. [Sighted] Y618 closed for a 'few days'
  54. [Request] Sudo Reef Sand
  55. [Request] L183
  56. [Sighted] Rainbow shiners, Parosphromenus sp. & Altolamprologus sp. sighted at C328
  57. [Sighted] Nannoptopoma sp. 'Peru' (aka Orange/Tiger Oto)
  58. [Sighted] Interesting fish sighting list
  59. [Sighted] Fish Shops of Singapore
  60. [Sighted] Taeniacara candidi at C328
  61. [Sighted] sturgeon
  62. [Sighted] whites tree frog
  63. [Request] ADA La Plata and Congo sand
  64. [Sighted] 24 Oct 2013 @ Seven Star (Geylang): Anableps aka Four-eyed fish
  65. [Sighted] Altum Angel
  66. [Request] Anyone seen galaxy rasboras in local LFS?
  67. [Request] Zebra oto
  68. [Request] Corydoras pygmaeus
  69. [Sighted] chocolate gourami
  70. [Request] carinotetraodon borneensis (Borneo red eye puffer)
  71. [Request] cory aldofoi and marbled hatchetfish
  72. [Request] Nannostomus marginatus - dwarf pencilfish
  73. [Request] Black Lava Rocks
  74. [Request] Corydoras hastatus
  75. [Request] 2ft GEX FivePlan Bending glass aquarium
  76. [Request] Ista turbo CO2 reactor in the west
  77. [Request] Cockatoo Apisto (Apistogramma cacatuoides )
  78. [Request] Puntius denisonii 'gold'
  79. [Request] Female Dwarf Gourami (Colisa Lalia)
  80. Sighting of any cheap neolamprologus multifascitus in sg
  81. [Request] Neolamprologus Multifasciatus
  82. [Sighted] sundadanio Axelrodi blue and chocolate gourami at Wuhu
  83. Where to get rasbora brigitte
  84. [Request] Vampire crabs, anywhere in singapore
  85. [Request] Looking for this mini sponge filter
  86. [Request] JBL OxyTabs
  87. [Request] hydrocotyle tripartita japan
  88. [Request] Pseudomugil gertrudae
  89. [Request] Live Brine Shrimps
  90. [Request] clown killifish.
  91. [Request] Green Tetras
  92. [Request] Jumbo rummy nose tetra
  93. [Request] Corydoras Hastasus
  94. [Request] Three lined pencilfish
  95. [Request] Lake Malawi , Victoria cichlids
  96. [Request] dwarf cories
  97. [Request] 8-banded barb and marble hatchet
  98. [Request] Pearl Danios (cpd) / Galaxy Rasboras
  99. [Request] Looking for Boraras Brigittae aka Chili Rasbora aka Mosquito Rasbora
  100. [Sighted] 29/5 Zebra (Cocama) Otocinclus @ Aquarist Chamber
  101. [Request] Corydoras pygmaeus aka Pygmy Cory
  102. [Sighted] Golden yellow freshwater crabs (Geothelphusa Albogilva)
  103. [Request] Battery operated airpump
  104. [Request] XXL cardinal tetra and XXL rummynose tetra
  105. [Request] Looking for honey gourami and florida flag fish
  106. [Request] Java fern narrow leaf
  107. [Request] (request) shell dweller
  108. [Request] Zebra Nerite Snail and Starlight Bristlenose Pleco
  109. [Request] Can't find malaysia trumpet snail in Singapore
  110. [Request] Green Neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulans)
  111. [Sighted] Boraras Brigittaes Finally Available!!!
  112. [Request] Marbled Hatchetfish
  113. [Request] African Red Eye Tetra
  114. [Sighted] Guppies !!
  115. [Request] Trigonostigma hengeli in the west
  116. [Sighted] L600 full red tail pleco at bishan aquarium
  117. [Sighted] Altum Angel.
  118. [Request] Aphyocharax rathbuni aka Green Flame Tetra
  119. [Request] Fahaka pufferfish
  120. [Request] Sembawang
  121. [Sighted] Tiong Bahru Market
  122. [Request] [Request] Pygmy Corydora in the North
  123. [Request] Which LFS is open on 19 Feb?
  124. [Request] what are the best LFS in singapore?
  125. [Request] Boraras brigittae
  126. [Sighted] Altum Angel !!