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  1. My Pink Pikachu Is Preggers!
  2. Thread Algae and Malayan Shrimps - Seeking practical experiences
  3. Is Seachem Trace any good?
  4. Is this brush algae?
  5. Where to get CaNo3?
  6. [HELP]Moldy stuff growing all over my bogwood
  7. why all my moss got algae like hair like that
  8. can UV light help decrease algae grow?
  9. Fert for shrimp tanks mosses
  10. CO2 Tank finished.... Algae Outbreak
  11. Another way to remove unwanted snail
  12. Windelov Fern leaf semi-translucent at the ends
  13. How often do you replenish your ferts stock?
  14. Lushgro Mirco confusion
  15. Pearling algae
  16. Fert ID.
  17. Need Hortwort
  18. Mr Aqua OHF and Algae
  19. Why Horned Nerites are the best Algae cleaners
  20. Future trends to producing ferts
  21. Anti-algae solution experience
  22. Chuck Gadd's dosing calculator
  23. Tmg
  24. Planning a rescape, how to improve a inert gravel only tank?
  25. ferrous sulfate
  26. Algae Problem
  27. Natural Algae killer- blagdon
  28. Mini Xmass moss encounter
  29. Where can i find aquabasis plus
  30. What good trace to get?
  31. Fuzz Algae Problem
  32. Flourish Excel and Blue Green Algae
  33. How to get rid of brown alage (without tearing down the tank and my hair)
  34. EI dosing and fish breeding, fry rearing
  35. Help: Algae on Fissiden
  36. Hair Algae!!!!!
  37. CaNO3 + KH2PO4
  38. Qian Hu No Algae solution
  39. green beard and hair algae help!
  40. Beginner wanting to try dosing EI method
  41. Please help ID this. Is this BBA?
  42. JBL Mando substrate
  43. Baxter laboratory C02 fizz powder
  44. liquid fertilizer to recommend.
  45. Algae ID pls
  46. Any one used plant hormones ?
  47. Brown algae
  48. New to planted tank. Need help to ID this algae and how to clear it.
  49. Help! Water turning green in my tank!
  50. Whitish Algae Problem
  51. Normal Dry Fertilizer( For Land Potting Plants) to be Used in Planted Tanks
  52. help ! My liquid fertilizer grew lotsa algae inside
  53. Seachem Products
  54. Help needed, algae issue
  55. What else to add to have a balance dose of fert?
  56. white floating substance
  57. Is there anti hair algae liquid that melts it away? And where i can buy
  58. Where to buy dry ferts?
  59. Where to buy dry ferts?
  60. Dymax Ferts
  61. want to know who actually use borneowild lush
  62. How often to dose this tank?
  63. Green spot algae
  64. Is this staghorn algae?
  65. Algae on fissiden?
  66. White fungus
  67. ID algae - unsure if it is brush, thread, filament, green, cyanobacteria algae
  68. Dilemma over Algae Bloom
  69. NO2 or NO3
  70. Question about algae
  71. brown powdery algae
  72. Where to buy Dry Ferts
  73. Is this algae on driftwood or something else?
  74. Small bottles of Flourish
  75. Where to buy WonderGro in Singapore?
  76. Green Water
  77. Dry Fert : Macro Micro Nutrient Mix
  78. White algae / fungus
  79. Dry Fert Solution Mix recipe
  80. Base fertilizer
  81. Please help me with my algae problems
  82. How to balance up tank setting?
  83. Do I need to add other fertilisers other then Seachem Flourish?
  84. Its weird but i want to grow green dust algae
  85. Eradicate/remove algae that is below substrate level?
  86. Green spots on my dry tank
  87. Lushgro aqua/micro compatibility with shrimp
  88. Are these short hair algae? Please help
  89. Algae alert!
  90. Massive Algae outbreak
  91. Help on epic GSA
  92. Algae attack
  93. BBA Woes
  94. JBL 7 Balls
  95. my algae are healthier than my plants
  96. Fert advice for confused newbie....
  97. Bba
  98. I had enough
  99. How much should I dose?
  100. help identify these algae
  101. green algae
  102. Help!! ID Algae and Hairgrass dying....
  103. EI Dosing (Potassium Nitrate)
  104. black beard algae
  105. Co2 tablet will make water cloudy?
  106. Pleco in planted tank
  107. 3 things about algae
  108. Algae farm... :oops:
  109. Algae Help
  110. frogbits melting...
  111. What kind of vacuum is use to clean diatoms on substrate?
  112. More EI Questions
  113. Is this Green dust Algae?
  114. Ammonium content of Seachem Nitrogen
  115. Seachem dosing instruction.
  116. milky white filaments on my tank
  117. How do we maintain Red plants Reddish colour?
  118. Please Help~~
  119. best fertilizer for fish tank planting
  120. Some greyish thing found on driftwood
  121. just something to share about blue green algae.
  122. bread looking stuff growing on my christmas moss ..
  123. DIY Fertilizers (Dry)
  124. Help ID Algae
  125. What's Going On???
  126. Weird Stuff on Narrow Java Fern
  127. BGA not disappearing...
  128. getting rid of algae
  129. Myriad of problems popping up
  130. Light and Algae Problem
  131. Need help with CO2 fertilization
  132. Is it Algae?
  133. Poll : what is your planted tank NO3 and PO4 level ?
  134. ID Algae
  135. Ferka Fertiliser
  136. Suspect Brown Algae in Filter
  137. Plant Tabs for my hardy plants
  138. Plant bubbling
  139. (How?)Getting Rid of Algae on Diffuser
  140. HC Dying
  141. What's happening? Need Advice!
  142. Rescape with mix of new and old aquasoil
  143. Underlying causes ?
  144. Lots of advice needed for planted tank
  145. Please recommend most common & proven fertiliser regime
  146. Seachem Equilibrium or Seachem Flourish
  147. Have you come across these White Algae anyone?
  148. Can I use horti foliar fertiliser for my aquarium plants?
  149. any here using 4hrs morning on, off 4hrs night on light regime?
  150. BGA Issue!
  151. Tropica, " Plant Growth Premium Fertiliser "
  152. Root fertilizer good enough?
  153. Where to buy dry fertilizers in Singapore?
  154. Dry-dosing with Calcium Nitrate, Ca(NO3)2.4H2O
  155. Algae(BBA, hair) on java Fern
  156. Algae on moss
  157. Black patch on rock, what kind of algae?
  158. algae on moss
  159. Algae for IALPC 2013?
  160. Reusing Used Aqua Soil
  161. JBL AquaBasis in LFS?
  162. Potassium nitrate
  163. How to fertilized this tank?
  164. Introducing BBA into your tank
  165. easy-aqua soil at seaview
  166. Singapore Style PPS Pro Dosing for Planted Aquaria
  167. Green Hair Algae on HC
  168. Marco Nutrients Uptake by Plants According to Diana Walstad
  169. Improving ADA Aquasoil
  170. dry fert. anyone ?
  171. New to Estimative Index
  172. Are My EI Dosing Regimen Correct ? Kindly Guide me
  173. Help me formula an algae combat plan
  174. just for general knowledge 'aka' kaypo..
  175. Seachem excel vs. pressurised CO2 for start up tanks.
  176. Green Hair Algae under Glosso carpet
  177. im dosing correctly ?
  178. Seachem dosage amount?
  179. Fighting Green Dust Algae: sharing my experience
  180. Which Fertilizer for our planted
  181. White moldy stuff
  182. algae problem. need help!
  183. kill algae with sound waves
  184. Algae attack!
  185. Colour of dead blue green algae
  186. Is this algae?
  187. Power.of amano shrimp
  188. Snail Breeding Problem
  189. Seachem Excel
  190. white clear mould
  191. Fertilisation and Lighting
  192. Excel 2L
  193. What is 1/8 teaspoon.....
  194. Algae help!
  195. BGA or BBA?
  196. New to Gex Soil, 0 KH????
  197. [Picture] How to totally rid a driftwood of algae during a rescape?
  198. Has Anyone Used H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) As Spot Treatment?
  199. Mouldy MMNM?
  200. Will Lushgro Aqua, Micros and KNO3, K2SO4 dry ferts have expiry? effectiveness?
  201. Please help to ID this aglae
  202. White filament thingy
  203. Is that algae on my rock?
  204. Nutrient Deficiency?
  205. Need help about Algae
  206. Algae help needed: Do I need to take out the driftwood?
  207. Whats our GH of tap water? Testing of GH?
  208. Help on my planted tank
  209. Qns on nutrients for plants.
  210. Dealing with uneaten fish food
  211. What kind of algae is this?
  212. Algae Inhibtor and UV sterilizer
  213. fertilizer regime help - lushgro aqua can be used with ada brightly K and BW growth?
  214. Algae Bloom after dosing
  215. Brown algae in canister filter
  216. Is this algae? Identification please.
  217. How does diatom spread and affect plants in a tank?
  218. EI weekly dosing?
  219. EIHO plant carbo
  220. Bleach off those Algae
  221. White cloudy water
  222. Algal attack on plants
  223. Blue-green algae removal.
  224. Fertilization help needed for new tank
  225. Fenbendazole
  226. Method of clearing algae in planted tank.
  227. Cycling of tank ?
  228. Lotus plant's leaves turning brown
  229. BBA & Green Algae
  230. Seachem Flourite /Seachem Flourite Red Gravel
  231. Glutaraldehyde
  232. Sharing for users of Calcium Nitrate for EI
  233. Uv steraliser
  234. Fertilizers Safe for CRS Shrimps
  235. White dots spreadin in my dw
  236. Super One Gravel Nuturient
  237. KNO3 available
  238. Hairline Algae
  239. How Healthy plants prevent algae growth?
  240. Questions regarding New Tank cycling , plants deficiency symptoms , EI dosing.
  241. Algae Eater for Mini Puffer Tank
  242. Need help with algae identification
  243. I am afraid of Phosphate (PO4) because ......
  244. Monster Roots
  245. Daiso's Liquid Fertilizer
  246. Weird growth in tank
  247. Having 2nd thoughts about my dosing
  248. Seachem liquid fertilizer expiring date??
  249. Over-run by algae
  250. Seachem Excel run out