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  1. Dosing only K2SO4 in high bioload tank
  2. Treatment for Algae Outbreak
  3. Tropical plant growth fertiliser help!
  4. Greenwater
  5. Diatoms
  6. CO2 injection with Seachem Excel against BBA
  7. Algae on Bucephalandra.
  8. What algae is this?
  9. latest excel spread sheet for lush gro ferts
  10. ISTA Water Plant Fertilizer
  11. ridding this algae(S)!
  12. How to dose Lushgro Aqua for non-EI method?
  13. How to get rid of this algae?
  14. Need advise on Fertiliser regime
  15. Removing Algae easily using Twinstar
  16. thread Algae problem
  17. Green Algae
  18. substrate revitalisers/supplements
  19. Help CANO3 liquified
  20. Where is cheaper to top up CO2?
  21. Anyone can ID this type of algae?
  22. What's this white stuff growing on my driftwood?
  23. Calcium nitrate usage in place of KNO3?
  24. Which fertilizer to mix together with lush Gro
  25. Brown algae
  26. which type of fertilizer?
  27. Any currently using OF aqua gro soil
  28. Wonder-Gro Professional Series Plant Fertilizers
  29. Red Nose Shrimp?
  30. Restarting tank due to major outbreak of green algae
  31. What algae is this?
  32. Dosing questions
  33. Feeder shrimp to combat algae?
  34. How to control algae & adding nitrate
  35. Help to id algae
  36. Urgent Identification of algae needed
  37. Any one know what alage is this?
  38. Help me ID 3 types of algae
  39. Help needed: Green spot algae
  40. BBA starting to spread
  41. Pertanyaan nubi pupuk
  42. Mixing Fertilizers
  43. Fert for Monte carlo
  44. Is this BBA??
  45. Fertilisers for big tanks
  46. Washing and drying soil to remove BGA?
  47. HELP! Algae and bugs!
  48. needed advice on co2 regulator and ferts dosing
  49. Liquid Potassium and Iron
  50. HC Leaves turning white and silky white stuff
  51. all in one solution for plant: walkthrough for dummies
  52. Need help to identify this algae
  53. Nature Algae Clean Up Crew
  54. Algae ID Please
  55. Glass Lily Pipe Cleaning - By Cherry Shrimps + Otocinclus
  56. Help on algae please!
  57. Phosphate dissapearing act.
  58. Fishes CO2 poisoning
  59. Can we start a tank this way?
  60. DIY Root tabs
  61. Potassium
  62. green water & filtration
  63. Will Cyanobacteria(blue-green algae) exposure lead to health issue?
  64. Availability of Algexit
  65. Singapore Tap Water has no phosphate?
  66. When soil ran out of nutrients, how do we handle it the best way?
  67. BGA Mess
  68. Liquid fertilizer
  69. Liquid fertilizer choice for local aquarists (POLL)
  70. Question on ADA fertilizers regime
  71. Cleaning up BGA
  72. Phosphate reading help!!
  73. Has anyone tried Easy-Life Potassium Test kit or any K test kit out there?
  74. Flourish + Brighty K enough?
  75. Using dry fert
  76. Lush grow range
  77. Switching from Flourish Line to Dry Fertilizers
  78. Wet's calculator EI dosing (N P K ..etc discussion)
  79. Seachem Iron + Seachem Flourish?
  80. lushgro fertilizer for plant tank?
  81. Algae ID and cure please:(
  82. Fertilizing regime for 1ft low tech shrimp tank
  83. Advise on fertilizing regime
  84. Need help to ID
  85. plant deficiency
  86. Monte Carlo got hair beard algae
  87. Flourish comprehensive
  88. Thread algae infestation
  89. Advice needed, plant uprooting
  90. Does malayan shrimp eats black brush algae?
  91. Where to buy K2SO4 and KH2PO4
  92. Algae Growth in a Stabilised Tank
  93. Easy Life Algaexit
  94. Help! How to get rid of this algae
  95. HELP! Green film (algae?) all over glass
  96. shrimp tank got algae
  97. URGENT, need help to clear white particles in shrimp tank
  98. Grow More Orchid Bloom 6-30-30
  99. Need to add GH boosters for planted tank with Singapore water?
  100. Where to buy NEW UP brand Atomizer in local LFS G517-1622 (16/22mm)
  101. Tds
  102. Depressed and on the verge of giving up
  103. How to get rid of lily pipe inlet algae?
  104. BBA and Hair algae - how???
  105. Algae Bloom
  106. 14 days API E.M ERYTHROMYCIN Treatment for BGA (Picture intensive)
  107. Plant leaves turning a bit yellowish
  108. Green Hair Algae Problems need advise
  109. Will microbacter or chiller prevent algae from growing?
  110. Is this iron and magnesium deficiency? Please advice.
  111. Is this algae?
  112. Brown Diatom Help
  113. Algae Outbreak?
  114. Spots on buceps
  115. When do you dose your fertilizers?
  116. Do plants recover from nutrient deficiencies and how?
  117. What type of algae is this?
  118. Plants issue after re-scaping (Need Help)
  119. "Yet Another Nutrient Calculator" Down?
  120. Challenges for a New 2ft Tank
  121. Need help on MC
  122. Where to buy Genuine Siamese Algae Eaters In Singapore!
  123. What percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide is suitable for aquarium and where can I buy it?
  124. Does easylife algexit treat green water issue?
  125. Algae prevention
  126. Is this Algae???
  127. dosage advice - Calcium Nitrate
  128. Macro N and P
  129. Monte Carlo attempt #2, starting to fail again
  130. EDTA or DTPA Iron Dosing? What's the difference?
  131. Seachem Equilibrium
  132. Where to find JBL proscape fert??
  133. Fastest way to treat bba?
  134. Algae?
  135. hard brown deposit on my rock and plants
  136. Fighting GDA (Green Dust Algae)...where to get bristlenose plecos? other suggestions?
  137. Anyone Using Rexolin APN from HPC?
  138. What should I do with brown looking algae
  139. EI dosing using Lushgro in high light and CO2 injected tank
  140. Newly set up tank
  141. How to get rid of this algae?
  142. Fertilization Inquiries about Plantacote
  143. Ada eca
  144. Confim Flouris Excel Does really Work!!
  145. Long, stringy growth
  146. confused newbie for lush gro
  147. Help to ID this alage.
  148. black hair algea
  149. What can i buy from San Diego, US
  150. Diatom or hair algae?
  151. ADA Brighty K affecting PH?
  152. Algaexit for Algae problems including BGA and SNAILS !!!
  153. New setup - Algae battle help
  154. Dr Mallick NO3 Solution
  155. Free Aquarium Ferts Calculator Site
  156. What is this strange thing on the glass?
  157. What to do with my left over KNO3 powder
  158. Marco & Micro fertilizer
  159. A check on my EI dosing
  160. Liquid fertilisers
  161. Easylife Potassium (K) test kit
  162. Effective way to stop green hair algae
  163. How to remove this algae on the plant leaf?
  164. otto not eating brown algae
  165. Algae buster
  166. Please help to identify
  167. Potassium Nitrate 5% solution: how much to dose?
  168. Ferka Fertilizer User ?
  169. Root Tabs
  170. I love BBA
  171. Need advice: Fighting algae and ID-ing nutrient deficiency
  172. seachem flourite black
  173. Whitish growth on driftwood. Advice needed.
  174. Help with LushGrow fert
  175. Anyone successfully eradicate BBA from their tank?
  176. Green water, blackouts & lessons learnt
  177. How to remove algae stain on glass
  178. baby tears begin to melt help
  179. Amount of P in KH2PO4 and K in K2SO4
  180. What type of algae.
  181. Nitrate level around 80+ppm. Normal?
  182. Hair algae
  183. Floating dots of algae on the tank water
  184. Grren thread/ hair algae
  185. Diy dry ferts
  186. Uv light
  187. HELP! Is this BBA?
  188. PPS-Pro micro dosing
  189. Long term solution for Cloudy Green Water
  190. What is the difference between CA(NO3)2 vs CA(NO3)2.4H20? Suitable for Discus Tank?
  191. Azoo Green Water Removal
  192. Does seachem flourish affect gh?
  193. Eheim UV sterilizer
  194. White mould or fungus issue in New tank
  195. PPS Pro Dosage
  196. Where to buy big bottle Hydrogen Peroxide 3%?
  197. Cost of Nitrate fertilisers
  198. What is the Ph?
  199. Tinting of glass tank. Possible?
  200. Blue green algae/Green slime algae
  201. Hair algea
  202. Is my phosphate reading normal?
  203. When do you refill your CO2 canister?
  204. Water parameters
  205. LushGro Fertiliser
  206. Keep 30 ppm Co2 naturally
  207. Dr. Tank liquid fertilizer
  208. NPK dry fert for orchids usable?
  209. What's wrong?
  210. Questions on Lushgro Aqua and Fleet Enema
  211. CO2 Woes
  212. Cyanobacteria Infestation in my tank
  213. Why feritilize everyday
  214. Massive die out for plants!!!
  215. Cheaper replacement for kno3 5% solution from hpc
  216. what amount of cano3 , k2so4 and kh2po4 did you mix with 1L?
  217. Algae on wood identification
  218. dennerle dosator
  219. What Deficiency is This?
  220. Help to identify algae
  221. Dry fertilizer diy
  222. Need help with algae on Bucep
  223. Identify algae
  224. Lushgro KNO3 solution
  225. DIY alternative seachem Potassium
  226. Where to get osmacote ferts for diy root tabs?
  227. Low tech regime
  228. Seachem nitrogen
  229. BBA on MC and hair grass carpet
  230. Help to identify what type of algae is this?
  231. Pearling
  232. Nitrate fertilisation
  233. Hair algae
  234. What time of the day do you dose the fertilizer?
  235. Help with green dust algae
  236. Help on green spot algae needed
  237. What aglae is this?
  238. Help with ei dosing for Rexolin E13
  239. Challenges in trying to maintain KH
  240. Containter for mixing dry ferts
  241. Anyone here using autodosing pump to add ferts to freshwater planted?
  242. Good way to remove organic waste / detritus
  243. First High tech 3 feet tank. Questions about fertilizing and nutrient deficit!
  244. The War on Algae
  245. Diy co2 pond
  246. Help identifying algae
  247. Seachem Flourish Advance
  248. Malayan Trumpet Snail as Cleaning Crew
  249. Staghorn
  250. JBL Biotopol increase PPM??