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  1. Please comment on my Fert Regime
  2. Green Water is irritating me to the core...
  3. How to use Dennerle Gold 7?
  4. My algae problem...
  5. Where can I get Seachem ferts?
  6. How often?
  7. Pros and cons of using chemicals to get rid of algae
  8. Revisit Ca and Mg topic
  9. Help identifying algae
  10. Sediments in LushGro-Micros
  11. Blue green slime algae
  12. Algae or Microb?
  13. Measurement Spoon Recommendation
  14. Please tell me this is not brush algae....
  15. Algae (almost given up)
  16. Need help regarding kNO3 and KH2PO4
  17. N to P ratio (Redfield Ratio)
  18. Pre-mix Fertilizer's doses
  19. Coping with high bioload
  20. anyone can help mi on algae
  21. Potassium bicarbonate
  22. Black Beard Algea
  23. CO2 and large tanks with sumps
  24. Fert for non CO2
  25. JBJ substrate nutrient
  26. Black Brush Algae (BBA) and CO2
  27. Get the Max out of DIY CO2: would this work?
  28. Dealing with Blue Green Algae (BGA)
  29. View on Mallick's fert
  30. should i do something about it?
  31. Green algae (glass only)
  32. Anyone done comparative studies of various plant tabs?
  33. The 'Aftermath'
  34. Views on Ferka Fert
  35. Brown spots
  36. Blackout advice for treating Green Water
  37. Dr Mallick's Fertiliser
  38. Can Clay be exposed?
  39. Hairy algae
  40. Bio-gravel-A BBA curse?
  41. FERT or NO FERT
  42. 'Balance glo' from Alife
  43. Brown particles on java moss
  44. Is this Black Beard Algae (BBA??) ???
  45. How often to adjust CO2 for growth?
  46. CO2 dispersion through canister filter
  47. Easy way to supplement base fert
  48. How to "black out" my tank?
  49. What kind of fertilizer to dose?
  50. Do you turn off you filter when you dose fert?
  51. Query on quantity of base fertilizer
  52. Dark Green Fuzzy Algae
  53. BBA appearing in a 5 month old tank
  54. Detrimental if air bubbles are trapped below the sand?
  55. Base Fert & liquid fert
  56. Any cheaper alternative to TMG?
  57. Winning the battle against BBA
  58. Hobby Vulcanit
  59. What's This Algae?
  60. my problem tank
  61. getting rid of green water
  62. Is there Shelf life on Seachem Flourish Fert?
  63. BBA at foreground only?
  64. anti-Algae question
  65. Advice
  66. Plant Newbie with Algae Problems
  67. How to correctly measure CO2 levels?
  68. Rid Green Dust without UV?
  69. Fight against GDA
  70. Leave it in or remove the green algae patch
  71. 30ppm is roughly equivalent to how many bps
  72. algae on gloso...please help
  73. Seachem Acid Buffer or ...
  74. Bga...
  75. ADA aquasoil more susceptible to BBA?
  76. Ocean Free Fertilizers in Shrimp Tank
  77. Fertilisation Schedule
  78. Newbie to loose ferts or PMDD
  79. Algae tank
  80. BGA in non-CO2 tank dilemma
  81. What algae can't you get rid of?
  82. bba infested
  83. CaCO3 as fertilizer?
  84. Black spots on plant leaves
  85. Need advise..
  86. Hair Algae
  87. ID algae in new tank
  88. Pissed off with BBA...
  89. Matted Hair Algae?
  90. Does this algae disappear with time?
  91. CO2 measurement method/revolution perhaps
  92. wads ada soil? any place sells small packs of base fetiliser?
  93. Brown Algae?
  94. Algae in internal CO2 reactor
  95. How to fight Green Dust Algae?
  96. EI dosing problems come again
  97. Standard EI Dosing Calculations
  98. ADA soil
  99. Dosing schedule for Seachem Traces & Seachem Iron
  100. How do you store your EI Chemicals?
  101. Help on Fertilizer
  102. Is this algae? - Yes, it is BGA
  103. Lifespan of ADA Amazonia aquasoil
  104. Lushgro product
  105. Switch to EI method
  106. I would like to know what causes BBA?
  107. Hairgrass turning black
  108. Get rid of Algae through use of ultra sound
  109. Hair algae on tank wall
  110. Losing out on my battle against algae
  111. EDTA Chelated Iron!
  112. How to determine CO2 level
  113. PFK Articles: Tropica Aquacare range
  114. PFK Articles: Tankguard algae inhibitor
  115. Dosing for Low Maintenance Tanks
  116. ADA Powersand
  117. Getting the coverted 25ppm of CO2
  118. Hair Algae & BBA attack.
  119. Risk of EI without WC
  120. N or K should be more? I'm CONFUSED!
  121. Question about duration of CO2 fertilization
  122. Hair Algae-what's the permanent solution?
  123. Help on ID this algae - Brush Algae
  124. Please identify and help get rid of these algae.
  125. BBA Attack... What to do?
  126. BGA on gravel
  127. How to do a blackout
  128. Pmdd
  129. How to dose K2SO4?
  130. Does Substrate Offer Fertilisation?
  131. Algae Problem! Need Help!
  132. Need sugestion in using cocopeat
  133. BBA attack
  134. some question on LUSHGrow-Aqua
  135. Algae on bogwood, need help!
  136. Right or wrong dosing regime
  137. Newbie question on fertilization.
  138. What fish to recommend to remove algae in tank with moss?
  139. Green Spot Algae
  140. Losing the war against the stupid hair algae..
  141. Green Hair algae = right water conditions?
  142. Problem with KH
  143. Help: what algae is this and how to fight it.
  144. Algae!!! Please Help!?
  145. High PO4 = Need high NO3?
  146. Ada ECA
  147. Low pH from ADA aquasoil
  148. Why?What?How? (Algae Intruders)
  149. BBA issue?
  150. Sodium Biophosphate (pH Down) as trace
  151. Cause of Blue Green Algae
  152. Algae in new tank
  153. EI Dosing At Night
  154. About Algae at my plants.
  155. Fissidens Graveyard - BBA attack
  156. Algae Attack Help.
  157. is this algae
  158. NO3 at 35-40ppm. Is it alright?
  159. Earthworm like thingy inside ADA amazonia soil
  160. UV Filter
  161. Does Seachem flourish trace save for shrimp?
  162. Seachem florish excel. dose how much?
  163. ADA amazonia soil
  164. Lighting Photoperiod
  165. Dust Algae?
  166. Blue green algae bloom!!
  167. Greg Watson's Guide to Dosing Strategies
  168. Teaspoon and Tablespoon
  169. Fert Dosing Questions
  170. What algae is this ?
  171. What algae is this?
  172. BBA and Hair algea Attacked!!
  173. Green dots on plants and tank
  174. Algae Raid
  175. Lushgro Micros
  176. Initial dosing for low-tech
  177. Mollies Eat Hair Algae..True?
  178. Algae?
  179. ID Hair Algae Type & Suggestions
  180. Algae growth and strength of water current
  181. Algea on fissidens
  182. ALGAE - to be or not to be!!
  183. Staghorn Algae Nightmare
  184. Lighting question
  185. Carbonates, where to find?
  186. CO2 ppm measurement with ADA Aquasoil
  187. Algae! Help to identify...
  188. Hair algae and filamentous green algae
  189. Rejuvenating Substrate
  190. Resun Xtreme EF-2800 Canister Filter with 11W UV for algae control?
  191. Algae on top of the hair grass???
  192. Which ADA Aquasoil for planting submerse Cryptocoryne?
  193. Need advice help on getting rid of BBA...
  194. Algae ID
  195. Any comments/feedback on Aquacare base fert?
  196. Seachem Flourish Trace in EI dosing
  197. Help ! BGA killing off my crypts and others
  198. confused about fert dosing
  199. Fruit juices for vitamins?
  200. Newbie questions on fertilization
  201. snail problem
  202. Slime algae attack!
  203. Is this source of Calcium suitable?
  204. Removal of PO4
  205. Removal of Green Hair algae
  206. Algea ID please
  207. ID algae
  208. Fight against Hair algae and BBA
  209. White fungus on driftwood
  210. green spot algae
  211. [video] H2O2 on green fuzz algae
  212. When is the best time to fertilize?
  213. My fine river sand bubbling and float
  214. Is pearling healthy?
  215. Does K2SO4 bad for shrimps?
  216. is my fert enough?
  217. Victory against green fuzz with H2O2
  218. Ferka Aquatilizer / Easy-life ProFito
  219. Need help on brown hair algae
  220. Algea Question
  221. Any 'algae killer' in a bottle?
  222. BBA in low maintenance tank
  223. Algae? Bacteria?Wipes off - Pics..
  224. Fertilization and dosing in the office tank
  225. Dosing Regime After Cutting Down On Lights
  226. Bamboo charcoal mix with base fert
  227. Plant not growing well
  228. Need advise: Plant not growing well.
  229. co2 ppm?
  230. DIY liquid fertilizer in NA
  231. Brown hair algae infestation
  232. China Brand Liquid Fertilizer
  233. Lushgro Aqua as a 'All in One' fertiliser?
  234. Need advice for ADA Brighty K dosage...
  235. My low tech got BBA! HAR??
  236. 2wpg or 3wpg with co2
  237. Help needed on EI method
  238. Need Help On An Unknown Algae
  239. Plant fertilizer and carbon filters
  240. KNO3 Banned in SG!?
  241. Ensuring a fertile base
  242. Water changes for EI dosing
  243. higher flowrate filter promotes algae growth?
  244. ID this neon-green algae please?
  245. white fungi on driftwood
  246. CO2 injection
  247. Is this black brush algae (BBA)?
  248. ADA nutrient content in their liquid fertilizer line
  249. Dosage for Ferka Balance K with ADA Step 2
  250. Light vs CO2