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  1. removing green algae on tank's glass surface
  2. Which way will invite Mr algae?
  3. Salvaging driftwood from black brush algae (BBA)
  4. Base substrate
  5. Advise needed. Am i overdosing fert?
  6. How to get rid of algae in a discus tank?
  7. Help!!!!
  8. EI Method: Calculation Amount (Advice Needed)
  9. Is it a must to change base fertilizer
  10. green water
  11. Mr Aqua- Algae killer medication
  12. Floss-like algae
  13. translucent white sticky stuff in planted tank
  14. Prevention of Algae: Right from setup
  15. Plant vs Algae Aleopathy
  16. Extreme pH Swing from 6.0 to 9.0!
  17. Use of base fertilisers
  18. need help with this algae!
  19. CO2 before Cannister, OK?
  20. Seachem Excel good mei?
  21. strange white fungus growth due to GEX soil?
  22. help needed with EI method
  23. How to get rid of green spot algae?
  24. Erythromycin for Cynobacter
  25. Difference between Seachem Excel and Seachem Flourish?
  26. Your recommended liquid fertilizer
  27. 2008 New Algae
  28. Florida Flag Fish
  29. Nutrients level recommended in EI method
  30. ID of this algae please
  31. Wonder-Gro Root+
  32. GSA in my shrimp tank
  33. Need help with blackout and Excel, Co2?
  34. When to fertilise the substrate
  35. How to prevent Green Spot Algae (GSA)?
  36. Is it algae? "deer antlers" look alike
  37. unknown algae problem
  38. What is a typical fertiliser regime?
  39. Green Dust Algae
  40. Brown Algae Problem
  41. Best Glass Cleaner
  42. BBA Alert!
  43. Seachem phosphorus
  44. Phosphate Sorb
  45. What causes Cynobacter?
  46. Flourish Excel dosing?
  47. Coral sand/chips = Calcium in water?
  48. CO2 on 24/7?
  49. Fuzz algae!!
  50. Need to add Magnesium Sulphate?
  51. Is 2 X 36 W PL enough for 2 ft setup?
  52. Lushgro K2SO4 and K2HPO4
  53. Replacement for KNO3?
  54. HELP! What is this?
  55. Dennerle depoint mix VS Tropica plant substrate
  56. Dosage for SeaChem Equilibrium
  57. Using CO2 tablets for nano tanks?
  58. ADA Iron Bottom
  59. White fuzzy,cotton like stuffs on Hairgrass
  60. Fertilization for moss only tank
  61. Problem with Green Water
  62. Amount of Lushgro to dose
  63. CO2 fertilization through the gravel via under gravel filter
  64. Help!! Black spots on my plants!
  65. Help.. what is this long algae??!?!
  66. Hair Algae control
  67. Need advice on fertilizer
  68. Green and brown spot algae
  69. Melting HC and Dying Fauna
  70. Algae dots on tank glass
  71. Hair algae on rainbar / inflow
  72. ISTA Algae remover
  73. Does providing CO2= must dose fert?
  74. Plants yellowing
  75. SeaChem Flourish Nitrogen
  76. Fertilizers introduction
  77. Conversion from high tech to low tech?
  78. excel first then co2.
  79. Time to use Erythro on Blue Green Algae
  80. Do i need to put in more fertilizer
  81. Green Beard algae in CRS tank
  82. Need advice to counter a 'don't know what type' algae (with pics)
  83. Rabbit waste ?
  84. too much hairalgae?
  85. Black Brush Algae (BBA) on my hairgrass
  86. Dosing for potassium sulphate?
  87. Chemicals or Snails for algae?
  88. Dealing with BBA
  89. Cloudy Water for over 4 months.
  90. Agghhh...algae again!
  91. Base fert using tubifex worms
  92. Hair algae and cO2 canister
  93. Common Pleco VS Oto
  94. Timing for CO2 and lights
  95. Sera florena contents
  96. Need help on improving water circulation
  97. PH Problem
  98. wondergro mirco and macro
  99. About algae growth...
  100. CO2 diffuser placed under filter inlet?
  101. Shrimp Friendly Fertilisation...
  102. Algae ID
  103. Anybody can help me concoct my fertilizer?
  104. Help Needed.
  105. Is this hair algae covered with BGA?
  106. Need some help guys :(
  107. Mathematical acronyms behind Ferts
  108. Mini nana with GSA
  109. Algae on plants - How can i 'nuke' them?
  110. no light and co2
  111. Blue green algae: major problem in my tank!
  112. no co2 equal no BBA?
  113. Algae control plant
  114. What are the shrimps scrapping at?
  115. Balance of fauna and CO2 for plants
  116. Algae ID ?
  117. ADA or Ferka?
  118. Algae type
  119. where to get yamato or malayan shrimps to remove hair algae?
  120. Question on use of Wonder Gro Roots+
  121. Best algae clearing shrimp?
  122. Fertilisation for shrimp Tank
  123. What is "kalium" ?
  124. UV sterilizer
  125. Looking for fertilizer
  126. Living with Algae whether you like it or not!
  127. considering liquid ferts...
  128. Algae ID
  129. Is Substrate Supplement Enough?
  130. liquid fertilizer in moss tank only
  131. liquid fertilizer in moss tank only
  132. Lushgro Potassium Sulphate
  133. ADA Multi bottom
  134. Will plants survive a high UV irradiation?
  135. Seachem Excel kills my riccia?
  136. Soil Change
  137. Need Help to ID Algae
  138. Yeast
  139. Thread Algae
  140. Potassium "Usage" by plants
  141. How to use Lushgro fert bundle?
  142. How safe is Seachem Excel?
  143. Green tinge on my water
  144. American Flag Fish to control algae?
  145. How to clear this type of algae?
  146. Need help to diagnose these two plant problem
  147. Algae & Temperature, any link?
  148. Time to move on - advice needed
  149. KH up
  150. Best time to dose fertilizers ?
  151. Green Thread-like Algae
  152. Enquiry on 'Wonder grow' macro fertilizer
  153. Which Fertiliser You used?
  154. Ferka brand : Balance K and Aquatilizer
  155. Need Advise
  156. Help! Where to get erythromycin for BGA?
  157. Is this Exel ?
  158. Tropica Plant Nutrition+
  159. BGA attack!
  160. Injecting base fertilizer into established tank
  161. Enquiry on "Seachem Flourish excel"
  162. Fertilisation for Anubais Tank
  163. BBA on hairgrass
  164. Algae
  165. SeaChem ferts
  166. Staghorn is so irritating
  167. What algae is this?
  168. dwarf golden algae eater
  169. Fungus/algae ID emersed setup (pics)
  170. Brown Algae problems?
  171. Fertilizers to recommend
  172. snails for attacking GSA.
  173. My New Experiment to rid BBA Easily?!!
  174. Did anyone spot a seachem flourite at LFS recently?
  175. what did you use to replace KNO3 in the EI method?
  176. ID: Algae or sponge?
  177. EI Method using Lush-gro Series
  178. how to remove N03 and P04 effectively
  179. Help:Green Hair Aglae
  180. Removing dead BGA
  181. Help Needed: Thread Algae
  182. Brown stuff on side of tank
  183. DIY co2 for your planted?
  184. cloudy stuff in my tank pls help! asap!
  185. algae eater for low pH tank
  186. want to grow algae !!!
  187. Hair algae infesting your tank? get some malayans.
  188. ways to battle with GSA?
  189. Help on Wondergro fertiliser
  190. Help.. what's all these?
  191. how to get rid of staghorn algae?
  192. What are those green spots on my plants' leaves
  193. Green Water
  194. Is this red coloured hair thing some kind of algae?
  195. does Dennerle Deponit really makes a difference?
  196. Hair algae in new setup, old filter setup!!??
  197. Algae attack!
  198. I.D Algae?
  199. What is the difference between macro and micro nutrients?
  200. Wondergro Root +
  201. any of you keep plants
  202. Anaerobic substrate good for plants??? :confused:
  203. Hydrogen Peroxide vs Seachem Excel
  204. Need help to id this algae
  205. BBA is flourishing - please help
  206. Co2 canister
  207. Is this algae?
  208. hair algae help!!!!!!!!!!
  209. Shelf Life for Dennerle Nutrient?
  210. Calcium Nitrate as alternative NO3 source for EI?
  211. ADA recommended maintenance schedule for planted tank
  212. ADA recommended substrate system for planted tank
  213. what to do with this algae?
  214. getting rid of staghorn algae, any good method?
  215. help needed..algae on glass
  216. hair like algae on mini pelia
  217. How to dose Lushgro Aqua correctly?
  218. Silly florish excel question
  219. Jobe or Horti fertilizer spikes
  220. How to remove Cladophora algae
  221. Ocean free base booster
  222. Good Looking Algae
  223. Need a HC guide!
  224. How do I prevent/remove GSA from growing on slow growing plants?
  225. co2 bubble rate
  226. Plant leaves turning yellowish/brownish
  227. How to get rid of BGA?
  228. How to remove shrimps from big tank?
  229. How to remove shrimps from big tank?
  230. Fertilizer Advice
  231. How to remove algae on CO2 ceramic diffuser ?
  232. co2-less tank
  233. Does anyone try ADA Phyton Git before?
  234. Black little spots on my Nana Leaves
  235. Amano tank also have problem with green spot algae
  236. Seachem Flourish vs Flourish Excel
  237. Chirtmas moss Algae
  238. What type of BB solutions do u use?
  239. My problems with SEACHEM FLORISH EXCEL
  240. Algae Problem On 3Ft Tank
  241. Algae problem
  242. CRAP! super OD seachem excel on my 200L tank
  243. gluteraldhyde and BGA
  244. Where to buy Flourite Black?
  245. UV steriliser in Planted Tank
  246. Hair algae? try Endlers!
  247. Algae for Chinese New Year!
  248. Fluctuating CO2 and algae problem
  249. BGA Help!!!
  250. Shrimp 7 Algae