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  1. Should I turn on my CO2?
  2. Algae attack!
  3. Ferts to make plants stems stronger
  4. Brown algae never stop!
  5. H2O2 for BBA on Bolbitis
  6. Shades of Green on Glass & Water Surface
  7. Hair algae on spiky moss
  8. HELP!! Algae!!
  9. Dosing for Seachem Liquid Fert
  10. Algae eaters for Rocia octofasciata tank (Jack Dempseys)
  11. When adding liquid fert
  12. Does ADA green gain cause cloudy water?
  13. Which Soil Substrate?
  14. Algae and snail problem
  15. Help! Windelov and Java Ferns Browning and Dying
  16. Aggghhh, fungi attack!!!
  17. Dosing ferts for low-tech
  18. EI in 20g
  19. algae or slime on 2ft tank?!
  20. Defficency in non-CO2 Tank
  21. Algae on tank silicone
  22. HEAVY Surface Scum
  23. Green Spot Algae
  24. Help ID Algae
  25. What sources of nitrogen are there?
  26. Does shrimps help?
  27. Root Boost Fert...
  28. how to remove this algae
  29. Sunlight does not produce algae any more
  30. what is the reason that my plant doesn't bubble off oxygen?
  31. Is wondergro micro+ and Macro+ enough?
  32. Does CaNo3 harm the plant?
  33. Please ID this Algae grow on my driftwood
  34. Hair algae in non-Co2 tank
  35. getting rid of this algae (hair? pics attached)
  36. Can oto help algae in a planted tank?
  37. Does Potassium Effect CaCO3 and KH Effect CaCO3?
  38. Need help. Trying EI Fertilisation Regime for 4x2x2 Planted Tank
  39. High GH and KH - harmful to fish and plants?
  40. Black Brush Algae ... again!!
  41. Re: Wondergro Fertilizers for shrimp tank
  42. Algae Issues in 2ft tank
  43. What are the effective ways of getting rid of hair algae in shrimp tank
  44. Root monster any good for yellowing plant?
  45. Help! Algae attack..
  46. milky/cloudy water
  47. Algae Remover
  48. Sky light
  49. carbornate water as carbon source
  50. Micronized Iron
  51. NPK solution from dry ferts
  52. Is this considered healthy?
  53. Will EDTA tie up plant nutrients?
  54. algae attack...help????
  55. which kind of fertiliser is better for HC?
  56. lushgro macro and micro
  57. New Tank - How to stop algae?
  58. ADA liquid fertil?????
  59. What's this and how to get rid of it?
  60. Bga
  61. Help with EI
  62. Algae and Nutrient Co-relation
  63. must i remove uneaten hikari algae wafer?
  64. Auto dosing equipment
  65. Brown hair algae?
  66. Ammonia levels
  67. How to determine EI doses for new tank.
  68. Brown hair algae pics, ID?
  69. Algae on glass
  70. ADA clear dash
  71. EI time table
  72. Tetra KH Test not working?
  73. Bba???
  74. flowrate for 3 feet tank
  75. carbon
  76. BBA infested tank. HELP!
  77. Fluffy stuff on crypt leaf
  78. Do unused liquid fertilizers go bad?
  79. How many powersand special for 422
  80. white spot growing on dw and rock?
  81. Brown algae on hairgrass
  82. Spirogyra algae help...
  83. EI fertilisation understanding and questions of Dosing with LushGro
  84. making stem plants red.
  85. Advice on wondergro micro and macro plus
  86. Lushgro Aqua and Micros
  87. green glass algae and green dust algae
  88. How to move water from nano tank to 2ft tank without transferring cladophora algae?
  89. Increase phosphate to reduce GSA??
  90. how to get rid fo green hair algae
  91. Why is there white and sticky stuff starting to grow on my bogwood?
  92. How to stimulate green water growth?
  93. how to get rid of those algae on the glass
  94. Dose seachem excel then out came worms
  95. liquid fertiliser vs those in the soil
  96. Potassium Chloride?
  97. Will too much fishes in tank cause algae problem
  98. Algae outbreak on plant
  99. Thread Algae Discussion
  100. Algae control
  101. Ideas on fert
  102. how to test trace elements test kit?
  103. Best Algae Eaters for a Planted Aquarium
  104. Need advice and Help with my new tank attacked by algae
  105. Help with dosing dry ferts
  106. The green water everyone wish to have
  107. Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide?
  108. How to use Lushgro powdered fertilizers?
  109. Revised? - Liquid fertilizer from Tropica
  110. Liquid fertilizers to recommend?
  111. Shelf life of lushgro prduct
  112. Do I need to dose SeaChem Equilibrium?
  113. sera forena and amano shrimps
  114. Mixing of soil types?
  115. what base fert is good?
  116. Dosage for ADA ECA for red plants
  117. Black beard algae, now red!?
  118. ADA2 soil on top of old sand
  119. Which fertiliser to buy???
  120. Algae
  121. Algae?
  122. Where to get dry fert and recipe to mix them?
  123. Blanket weed
  124. BBA growing on mesh!!
  125. Different kind of diatom?
  126. Say goodbye to BBA!!
  127. Algae issue with my tanks
  128. ADA 5 powder setup question
  129. Battling Hair Algae
  130. Confused about fertilising
  131. seachem potassium and iron
  132. Is the golden sucker fish aggressive?
  133. Source for dry fertilisers.
  134. Flourish Excel doseage help
  135. Algae in pond!
  136. Will active (activated) carbon absorb away the fertiliser?
  137. advice on lighting
  138. True or false? Substrate that is too rich hinders plant growth
  139. Help with EI doing!!
  140. What algae is this ?
  141. Black Molly to eat Algae in aquarium
  142. used GEX soil
  143. Blue Green Algae Help
  144. Need recommendation for local chemist
  145. new product help
  146. Blue Green Algae Eaters recommandation if there is any?
  147. where to buy
  148. Carbon Substrates
  149. Did i do it right for BBA?
  150. Will boiling kill cladophora algae?
  151. EI Dosing for Singapore Water - K, Ca, Mg, Fe, NO3 and PO4
  152. Where can I buy powdered Potassium Nitrate?
  153. what kind of algae ?
  154. Need Help with my water output
  155. GSA in my shrimp tank
  156. Ferka rosetta
  157. transferring ferts
  158. Crossocheilus siamensis (Common name Siamese Algae Eater) (黑线飞狐)
  159. Seachem Flourish or Trace
  160. fertilization guide for java moss
  161. Hair Algae and Cherry Shrimps
  162. Algea growing on hair grass
  163. Spirogyra attack!
  164. brown algie
  165. base fert VS root tabs
  166. Which Macro plant fertiliser?
  167. Hydrogen peroxide 35%
  168. [ADA Newsletter] Monthly Aqua Journal vol.174 is released!
  169. Algae from overdose?
  170. Hair algae??
  171. can frogbits be indicators of nutrient level?
  172. Solubility of KH2PO4 in water
  173. Is there any correct way to dose ferts?
  174. Plants not growing healthy and algae
  175. Pond Algae Help
  176. Need help on Algae eaters
  177. How much should i dose???
  178. Clay substrate
  179. Plants Fertilizers
  180. Gex Dark Green Soil - should i add fertilizer?
  181. Fertiliser need for US fissiden and pellia?
  182. RED algae?
  183. What fertiliser to use for hc
  184. EI for non-CO2 enriched excel dosed tank
  185. Plants not doing well
  186. Please help: are these the dreaded hair algae?
  187. How to get ride of snails?
  188. Help in identify of this algae
  189. Sustaining lower ph level for long term
  190. AQUA-MEDIC Dosing Pump
  191. Metrcide 14 to replace seachem excel?
  192. Fertilization regime suggestion needed
  193. Is this Hair Algae?
  194. How to clean Algae on Acrylic tank
  195. How to culture algae on rock?
  196. Is this algae?
  197. Making stock solution of dry fertiliser
  198. Is laterite good?
  199. Best livestock for algae
  200. What else to dose for glosso?
  201. Where to buy powder and/or salts for dosing NO3 and PO4?
  202. Sae
  203. Lushgro-Aqua
  204. seachem for green spot algae
  205. Sinclair J Arthur Bower's Aquatic Compost
  206. Csm+b
  207. Help with New Tank Questions
  208. Help with New Tank Questions
  209. PFK RSS Feed: Algae prevention in your planted tank
  210. green algae on white pebbles
  211. How to prepare rocks before usage
  212. Rust
  213. What use for charcoal in the substrate?
  214. Looking for Algae help and some recommendations
  215. Brown Algae (My tank is Sephia)
  216. Algae ID needed
  217. Water turn cloudy
  218. Aquatic plants prefers ammonium over nitrate
  219. Dry dosing
  220. after dose caco3
  221. Need advise on algae...thx
  222. Interest check: NPK fertilizer solution at near EI ratios
  223. Loose Java Moss
  224. considerations for pre mixing CaNO3 + KH2P04 + K2SO4
  225. Suggestion media for planted tank
  226. Need help in my glosso
  227. How come some soils are able to retain their pellet form even after use?
  228. Red brown spots on aquatic plant leaves & Rocks
  229. Algae Scraper L183
  230. Hair/Thread algae? CLADOPHORA sp. Algae?
  231. How to accelerate green algae growth on driftwood ?
  232. Ferrous Gluconate
  233. barley straw pellets
  234. Do Unused Fert Tabs go Bad
  235. Using Seachem excel for BBA
  236. Potential candidate another algae scraper
  237. Removal of this algae~ Help~
  238. Dosing Regeime for CRS Tank
  239. Wondergrow products
  240. Help - Glass Algae
  241. Comments about product: ISTA Algae Remover?
  242. which fert to choose for planting fissidens?
  243. Need fertilizers for my tank?
  244. JBL Ferropol 24
  245. Barley Straw - Natural Hydrogen Peroxide to deal with Algae
  246. need advice on dosing
  247. My Experience with Cladophora Algae
  248. my tank algae
  249. dennerle fertilizer
  250. Seachem Flourish and Excel