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  1. Waterfalls of Gunung Kanyi
  2. PFK Fishnews: More sharks to be added to Red List
  3. Flight over Siberia
  4. A report about the impact of fire at Danau Sentarum
  5. Foothill of Gunung Semuja Nonok
  6. Hydroelectric dam constructions in Amazonas
  7. PFK Fishnews: Global threat to marine biodiversity by invasive species assessed
  8. PFK Fishnews: Arapaima form continuous population says study
  9. PFK Fishnews: Antarctic inverts at risk from predators as temperatures rise
  10. PFK Fishnews: Space telescope technology used to study sharks
  11. Luminous mushroom of Singapore
  12. Pulau Ubin of Singapore
  13. Amorphophallus hewittii
  14. Nepenthes northiana is gone!
  15. A hiking trip on Good Friday
  16. Walking along the river
  17. super über rare Coelogyne tommii
  18. Giant Arum of Gunung Senggi
  19. Dr. Tan Heok Hui on habitat of bornean lungless frog
  20. Please help find our Missing Fishes
  21. The giant cave of Serian
  22. The habitat of N. rafflesiana var. alata
  23. An outing on May Day
  24. A hiking trip on Vesak Day
  25. Wild pitcher plants @ Bintulu
  26. [Pics] Ubin
  27. N. northiana @ quarry site
  28. A snake from Bintulu
  29. Wild orchids from Bintulu, Bakun & Sibu
  30. A limestone hill @ Penrissen (BORNEO)
  31. Nepenthes from Kerangas forest of Sibu
  32. Flora & fauna from Bintulu & Sibu (Sarawak)
  33. Exploring a mossy forest
  34. A mountain not far from my home
  35. Hiking @ Gunung Siburan
  36. Sadir waterfalls (Sarawak)
  37. Bengoh Dam EIA report (Sarawak)
  38. The misty jungle
  39. Ung waterfall & others
  40. Hiking alone
  41. A morning walk in the jungle
  42. The logging road on a mountain ridge
  43. Climbing limestone hill during Hari Raya
  44. Nepenthes tentaculata from western Sarawak
  45. The limestone forest of Jambusan
  46. Nepenthes rafflesiana "Matang"
  47. The "red apples" of Borneo island
  48. my Helmet orchid is flowering!!!
  49. Save the water monsters
  50. A blackwater river in southern Sarawak
  51. The last peat swamp forest of Petra Jaya
  52. Bobak waterfall revisit
  53. Blog: See Nature
  54. Trekking trip @ Banjaran Bungo
  55. Gunung Jagoi (1,162 feet)
  56. Exploring a granite hill & nearby jungle
  57. what spider eating mealy bug?
  58. Hiking at the coastal area of Borneo
  59. Hiking in the alluvial & limestone forest of Borneo
  60. PFK Fishnews: Endangered lungfish threatened by dam project
  61. critters from the pipeline
  62. Back to the jungle!!!
  63. Camping in a deserted island
  64. Back to Mount Jagoi
  65. Hiking on an almost destroyed logging track
  66. Revisiting Air terjun Jangkar
  67. Seberau & Giam waterfall
  68. A crypto blog.
  69. Tang Raya cave expedition
  70. The jungle of Siburan & nearby places
  71. Journey to Bubot waterfall
  72. The lowland forest of Semengoh
  73. The misty limestone outcrop
  74. Black spots on Curry Leaves
  75. A secret beach hidden by the jungle
  76. Return to Kampung Semban @ Bungo range
  77. An outing with my friends from Europe
  78. Gunung Braang, tallest limestone mountain in southern Sarawak
  79. Journey to the fire mountain of Borneo (Mulu Trip)
  80. Journey to the "tail" of Borneo
  81. Cascades & longhouse near the border
  82. Butterfly Binoculars
  83. The Most Dangerous Species in the Mediterranean
  84. News: 'Bald' bird is Asia's first songbird in 100 years, say conservationists
  85. Pitcher plants from the misty jungle @ border
  86. Butterfly ID
  87. Pitcher plants of Mt. Murud of Sarawak
  88. News: Singapore the birthplace of the world's first semi-cloned animal
  89. News: Mankind using Earth's resources at alarming rate
  90. Freshwater stingrays in Singapore
  91. Malayan tiger population is a valid subspecies
  92. The Natural Heritage of Singapore (3rd Ed)
  93. two rare visitors to my home
  94. Sad time in America
  95. Non-native reservoir fishes in Singapore
  96. Lion dance
  97. Amazon River Disaster & Global Warming Facts
  98. PFK RSS Feed: Are fish born with the ability to count?
  99. PFK RSS Feed: Fish can count as well as humans!
  100. PFK RSS Feed: Oil platform could put critically endangered whales at risk
  101. PFK RSS Feed: TV chefs remove eel from the menu following outcry
  102. PFK RSS Feed: Bad news for some of China's rarest fish
  103. Stop Pigeon Culling (Singapore)
  104. ST: 43 fish species in Mediterranean threatened
  105. ST: Ocean life on the brink of mass extinctions: Study
  106. ST: Greenland ice melts at highest rate since 1958: US
  107. ST: The oceans, the law and the future of the world
  108. A calling for AQ members! Help save Xingu in the Amazon!
  109. Foreign lizard in Marina
  110. New marine species found in Singapore waters
  111. ST: Look what just came out of the water (inside got fish!)
  112. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: The fishes of the inland waters of Southeast Asia
  113. Ancients (Iwagumi fans beware!!)
  114. Stick insects
  115. Otters in Singapore
  116. Creatures of Singapore
  117. Caterpillar!
  118. Plantain Squirrel having their breakfast!
  119. Termites!
  120. Creatures of April 2014!
  121. Forgotten reservoir uncovered in Telok Blangah
  122. Moss
  123. Worry about marine life mounts as more fish die
  124. They never live (Wild to Captive conversion)
  125. ST: 211 new species found in eastern Himalayas
  126. Online Florist in Singapore
  127. Trigoniulus corallinus (Scarlet Millipede)