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  1. Identity of umbrella-like plant at polyart
  2. Does Christmas Moss bubble?
  3. Can star moss be immersed?
  4. Narrow leaf java fern
  5. Plants ID
  6. Plants dying except US fissiden
  7. Name of Plant
  8. US Fissidens, Mini Pellia & Riccia, do they need high lightings & co2?
  9. Play ID, Micranthemum umbrosum?
  10. C.bullosa - bintulu
  11. My Not So New 1.5 Ft Planted
  12. anubias barteri
  13. Tiger lotus (dwarf)
  14. Tale of a farmer
  15. Suitable Substrate for HC
  16. Plant ID Help
  17. Question on plants
  18. Bolbitis showing signs of rotting
  19. Is this plant hornwort?
  20. Short hairgrass FAQ
  21. Limnophila sessiliflora
  22. My new LED Lamp Bar on a planted tank
  23. help ID these plants please!
  24. Java ferns turned brown after treating for BBA. What should I do?
  25. Anyone know where can I get this plants?
  26. Growth on my Bogwood.
  27. would this fissidens carpeting technique work for moss?
  28. Naturally Dutched 40B Community HD vid
  29. Help ID plant
  30. Anyone know where can i get this cork board/bark background ?
  31. Bettas in community tank
  32. Anyone got plants growing with 1.25WPG?
  33. How to prevent growth of very soft fine hariy algae on the leaves of plants ?
  34. mini us fissiden
  35. Plant ID
  36. Newly bought emersed Java Fern introduced to tank. Need to inject CO2 and add Excel?
  37. Co2 for moss tank
  38. Plant ID (Please Help, Thank you)
  39. New to planted aquarium - Looking for hardy low tech floating plants
  40. Place to source for aquarium plants.
  41. Cryptocoryne pallidinervia
  42. Recommended lighting for 3ft
  43. 30 Gallon Dirt Tank
  44. sdfghjkl
  45. Need to help to choose the subtrate and gravel to do the grass carpet in my tank.
  46. how to plant moss on the drift wood?
  47. fresh water different plants names and nature
  48. how to do cleaning the plants in the fish tank?
  49. co2 for plants
  50. Moss, Weeping moss & Mini Pellia
  51. Water planted aquarium
  52. Found this plant / algae growing amognst my flame moss
  53. Recommendation of places to buy floating water plant.
  54. Yellowish leaves
  55. Bucephelandra "Sekadau 1"
  56. where can i buy Elayine Trianda to do the carpet for my 2ft fish tank?
  57. DSM, Dry Start Method ( Elevation issues)
  58. Anubias nana "Stardust"
  59. What floating plant is this?
  60. Anyone knows why frogbits and water lettues roots keep dropping off?
  61. Plants that flower (easily) above water level?
  62. Planting pelia correctly .
  63. From whom to order a large variety of plants?
  64. Marsilea Hirsuta same as Glosso?
  65. Help with plant ID
  66. Plants melting?
  67. Can the roots of frogbits be trimmed?
  68. ID of specific species of this plant?
  69. Where to get rotala macrandra sp japan red?
  70. Bacopa sp. "Roraima"
  71. Dry Start Planting soon
  72. Where have good range of plants?
  73. Ready to Plant
  74. How to grow an aquarium tree like this one?
  75. mini fissiden
  76. Where can I buy staurogyne repens?
  77. Where can i buy sagittaria subulata?
  78. Help in ID of this plant
  79. Trying out Dry-Start Method tonight
  80. plant ID help
  81. Mini nana leaves rotting
  82. My 1st DSM
  83. Mayaca sp."Santarem Red"
  84. Chendol Grass Mixed with Riccia (u. graminifolia)
  85. Suitable flora for sand substrate
  86. Anubias barteri var. barteri Rotting. Help!
  87. My planted tank plus shrimpy...
  88. Will mini fissiden sink?
  89. Dry Start Method issue
  90. New Large Pearl Grass
  91. Riccia grow?
  92. FOC staurogyne sp.?
  93. Planting (tall) stem plants?
  94. Elatine triandra aka app
  95. Duck weed turn yellow
  96. Plant ID please
  97. ADA Aquascape Plant ID
  98. Seeds of Glossostigma elatinoides. Where can i buy them?
  99. mini fissiden grow rate
  100. Looking for rare plants
  101. Hydrocotyle sp. japan
  102. What is this plant?
  103. Could my lights be killing the plants?
  104. Carpeting plants for suggestion - low tech
  105. Just got from Polyart. What is it?
  106. Staurogyne reopens melting
  107. Need help on Elatine Triandra (APP)
  108. Emerse and Submerge plant, how to tell them apart?
  109. Bucephalandra Sp
  110. Is it true that Star moss cannot be submerged for long periods?
  111. Rhaphidophora sp.
  112. Hairgrass melting terribly
  113. Is this Hygrophila difformis?
  114. Marsilea Minuta
  115. Seachem Excel in a LOW TECH PLANTED TANK
  116. Sera Plant Care Set - With Co2 reactor
  118. Plate like-aquatic plant
  119. What is this plant?
  120. HC on 9000k color temp?
  121. Plants Interest Check / Survey & Suggestions Needed
  122. Rice Bran for My Aquatic Plants and Goldfish
  123. Mangroves
  124. A little help with plant identification
  125. bucephalandra
  126. Singapore Moss
  127. Ludwigia sp. Leaves Modification After Being Submerged
  128. water plant
  129. Japanese Hair Grass
  130. Pteridophyta sp. Requena
  131. Anubias "Coin leaf"
  132. Quarantine newly-purchased plants?
  133. Myriophyllum mattogrossense melting
  134. Dennerle T5 tubes - worth the higher price?
  135. Help to ID plants and sightings for Rotala species.
  136. Help Identify This Plant
  137. Plant Identification assistance required
  138. please help for java moss tying to driftwood
  139. Help with Plant Identification
  140. Is this Java Fern or some other kind?
  141. Glossostigma
  142. moss carpet
  143. Do I need to restart?
  144. What to do when stem plants reach the top of tank?
  145. Philippines Echinodorus
  146. Please help to Identify Plant
  147. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis or Echinodorus tenellus?
  148. Newb Needs Some Advice!
  149. Luwidja Bevipes propagation
  150. my experience with the crop emerged
  151. Piptospatha sp.Kalimantan
  152. Need help plant ID
  153. Wild moss and subwassertang/pellia
  154. Help! Glosso losing green
  155. Suggestion for red plants for nano tank
  156. Looking for Hottonia Palustris
  157. Marimo and Excel
  158. Need help in identifying plant
  159. Some plants & their doppelgängers [assistance required]
  160. How Many Of you have Bucephalandra Plants???
  161. keeping frogbit healthy help !
  162. APP melting, please help
  163. water sprite
  164. High tech plants to Suggest
  165. Need help in identifying these two plants please.
  166. Plant ID
  167. Where to find Frogbit?
  168. New variety of GEX "Plant" soil spotted
  169. Aquatic Plants Photo Identification List
  170. where to find the following aquatic plants
  171. Where to buy weeping moss?
  172. Need help to id plant
  173. Can anyone help to ID this plant?
  174. Shops with wide variety and good quality plants
  175. Microsorum Pteropus white (?)
  176. Piptosphata Variagated
  177. Help!: Plant identification
  178. Where to buy lilypads?
  179. Anubias White Marble and Stardust
  180. Bucephalandra Sp Malinau
  181. low light plants?
  182. Plants to give away.
  183. Where to get Downoi
  184. Any bro have Malaysian Trumpet Snails to Sell?
  185. Plant id
  186. How to Plant Utricularia Graminifolia (Tropica)
  187. When to trim Glosso
  188. Floating Plant ID
  189. Leaves turning yellow
  190. Ammannia sp. Hainan
  191. Attaching water sprite to driftwood/rocks
  192. Java fern leave bending?
  193. Banana Plant ( Nymphoides aquatica )
  194. Noob Iwagumi setup
  195. Bucephalandra Catherineae Melawi and Semuntai
  196. Where to buy Blyxa Japonica & Rotala rotundifolia
  197. Growing moss fast
  198. Java Moss as backdrop
  199. plant id
  200. Bolbit rotting help
  201. Utricularia graminifolia - any LFS sells?
  202. A good foreground plant for an aquarium with 2 ft depth
  203. Help Plant ID
  204. Marsilea....
  205. My lousy hairgrass carpet!
  206. co2 setup with 2 bubble counter
  207. stem plants emersed
  208. My small coffee tank
  209. Pls recommend low-tech red plants
  210. Plant ID...
  211. What plant is this?
  212. Plant noob! Need help with some riccia~
  213. LFS with crypts?
  214. Plant Identification assistance required
  215. Tying plants
  216. Growing Riccia
  217. plant ID
  218. How to keep water lily alive?
  219. Hemianthus micranthemoides
  220. Java fern grows much faster when tied down?
  221. UG help
  222. Dragon Claw grass/Chendol Grass
  223. Riccia having brown patches and spiky moss turning brown
  224. Can't find this name on google
  225. planted tank with lapis sand.
  226. Takashi Amano plant tank data
  227. Hygrophila pinnatifida
  228. white sandy substance on marimo
  229. Super glueing moss wall?new to this please help!
  230. Any idea where to low profile cylinder glass vase for wabikusa?
  231. Bolbitis Heteroclita
  232. Limnophila mini Vietnam emersed
  233. Melting Utricularia Graminifolia
  234. Plant choice for low-tech tank
  235. Help to ID stuff growing on moss
  236. Where to find Ludwigia senegalensis?
  237. Great product - Eco Friendly
  238. Air Detoxification
  239. Is this considered as nutrient deficiency?
  240. Hemianthus Callitrichoides (HC) - Dry Start Method Journal!
  241. Botanicaire "Plant Sushi" as Riparium Planters?
  242. Beginner's Question: Plant Names
  243. How much co2 is needed?
  244. My Anubias
  245. Compilation of fast growing plants and slow growing plants
  246. Don't you want this plant in your tank? :)
  247. Help with staurogyne repens
  248. Cuphea anagalloidea
  249. What is this hairy stuff on my plant?
  250. Riccia not pearling. whats wrong?