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  1. ID: Parotocinclus sp. and Sphaerichthys vaillanti
  2. Dario hysginon and Dario sp.
  3. species of sturgeons
  4. Are my fauna too much?
  5. Pandaka sp. - super small goby
  6. ID: Goby
  7. Florida Flag Fish
  8. albino pleco and african cichlid
  9. Tiger fish and Wolf fish - FIERCE!
  10. ID: Killifish - Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion) splendopluere tiko green
  11. ID: loach and contaminant.
  12. PFK Fishnews: New killifish found in Chile
  13. PFK Articles: A fishkeepers guide to gobies
  14. ID: Goby (Oxyloetris marmoratus)
  15. Sunfish
  16. PFK Fishnews: Second Episemion killi described
  17. PFK Fishnews: New killifish named
  18. PFK Fishnews: New piranha and stingray found
  19. PFK Fishnews: New freshwater goby named
  20. PFK Fishnews: New loach named
  21. Small size algae eating fish
  22. Fish to tank ratio?
  23. Keeping Furcarta
  24. ID: Oryzias from Jatujak market - Oryzias javanicus
  25. Stiphodon atropurpureus from Shenzhen
  26. PFK Fishnews: 30 new fish among Borneo discoveries
  27. PFK Fishnews: Four killifish described in review
  28. PFK Fishnews: Two new gudgeon named
  29. Fish for planted tank
  30. Questions about the Asian Leaf Fish
  31. PFK Articles: Yunnanilus brevis, Inle loach
  32. PFK Fishnews: Simpsonichthys boitonei (killifish) redescribed
  33. PFK Fishnews: New Black ghost knifefish named
  34. What does Bumblebee Goby eat?
  35. Where did my clown killies go?
  36. Help with identifying my fishes!!
  37. Fauna recommendation for 60cm planted tank
  38. Lepidocephalichthys tomaculum, orange-headed loach from Mersing, Johor, Malaysia.
  39. more loaches from Southern Pahang
  40. How to net big fishes?
  41. How/When does a Proposed Name Get Accepted?
  42. Unknown longkang goby
  43. Baby boom-When there is no predator in the tank
  44. ID: Can someone identify this killifish?
  45. Overcrowding?
  46. red-tailed shark question
  47. Need some advice
  48. pH requirements for guppys
  49. The Cheaper Mini Goby from c328
  50. Is clown killifish difficult to keep?
  51. Little loach from Bt Merah, Perak - Neohomaloptera johorensis
  52. Crazy Goldfish
  53. Goldfish and Bettas
  54. Tiny Fishes for Nano Tank
  55. Questions about Threadfin Rainbowfish
  56. Can I keep killifishes and Badis badis together?
  57. Ditter fish for low pH tank
  58. can keep how many fishes in 1ft cube?
  59. Food for Mini Puffer?
  60. Special thread for Puffer hobbyists!!!
  61. What is the biggest fish possible for a 4 foot planted tank?
  62. Fish For Acidic African Biotope Tank
  63. What and Where Exactly is the Iris Diverticulum on a Fish?
  64. Feeding my pond goby
  65. Lampeye
  66. Aquarama 2007 - International Fish Competition
  67. Freshwater stingrays are illegal for sale in Singapore
  68. Any algae eaters smaller than Otocinclus?
  69. Aquarama 2007 - Arowana Competition
  70. Fish recommendation for 1 ft moss cube
  71. How many fishes can I keep in a 3.5ft tank?
  72. Can Indian puffers be kept in a planted tank?
  73. Breeding Aplocheilus panchax
  74. Recommend fish for 6ft planted tank
  75. ID: What killifish is this? - Epiplatys grahami
  76. Big fishes
  77. Arapaima caught in Sarawak river!!!
  78. Recommend bottom dwellers for 1 ft tank?
  79. Monocirrhus polyacanthus, Eigenmannia virescens and Luciocephalus pulcher
  80. Any other schooling fishes besides Cardinal Tetras?
  81. Types of Schooling Fishes
  82. Does schooling fish need a bigger size fish to school well?
  83. Bedotia madagascariensis (Madagascar rainbowfish)
  84. ID: Unknown fish? - Probably Cynoglossus spp.
  85. PFK Fishnews: Rare pupfish population found
  86. Angelfish and Otos compatibility?
  87. PFK Fishnews: Study reveals lateralisation in fish
  88. Please help me ID fish
  89. ID: Aplocheilus panchax?
  90. PFK Fishnews: New Cameroon killifish described - Fundulopanchax kamdemi
  91. PFK Articles: A fishkeepers guide to glassfish
  92. Please help to ID
  93. Help ID these fishes
  94. Need advice on small fishes for cleaning crew
  95. Tank mates for my cardinal tetras?
  96. Blue Ram vs. Pearl Gourami
  97. Blue Lampeyes
  98. PFK Fishnews: New Simpsonichthys killifish - Simpsonichthys punctulatus
  99. Otocinclus vs. Yamato shrimps as algae crew
  100. Will Siamese Algae Eater harm Crystal Red Shrimps??
  101. Badis badis
  102. Feral population?
  103. How many fishes can we keep in a tank??
  104. Question about killifish behaviour
  105. Hillstream loach with CRS
  106. Need advice on keeping Arowanas
  107. Lampeye lovers
  108. What fish schools with minimum numbers of 5?
  109. ID: Gudgeon? - Mogurnda spp. and Tateurndina ocellicauda
  110. What fish to keep with yamato and cardinals?
  111. PFK Fishnews: New shemya bleak described
  112. PFK Fishnews: New Chub found in France and Spain
  113. PFK Fishnews: Killifish - New Simpsonichthys described
  114. PFK Fishnews: Rivulus killifish described from Brazil
  115. PFK Fishnews: Three new killifish described
  116. PFK Fishnews: Catfish and characin feed together
  117. PFK Fishnews: New Nothobranchius from Mozambique
  118. Need recommendation on schooling fish
  119. Some questions on killifish
  120. Dario sp. "Bangladesh"
  121. Whose eggs?
  122. PFK Fishnews: Fish sleep and experience insomnia
  123. PFK Fishnews: Self-fertilising killifish survives by hiding in trees
  124. Fauna recommendation for a non planted tank?
  125. PFK Articles: A fishkeepers guide to Badis and Dario
  126. Cycle question and fish help~
  127. Elephant nose fish
  128. ID: Is this an apisto?? - Dario dario
  129. Questions about Melanotaenia praecox (Neon Rainbowfish)
  130. New Set up of Male Apistogramma Tank with L46 Plecos
  131. Killifish
  132. Excellent South America underwater video of natural habitats
  133. What are fin rays and how do I count them?
  134. Small schooling fishes for 20cm cube tank?
  135. Any one keeping Top View Ranchu (TVR) goldfish???
  136. Corydoras or loaches more suitable for planted tanks?
  137. PFK Fishnews: Study reveals Colomesus puffer diet
  138. What fishes are used in fish therapy?
  139. PFK Articles: The truth about spiny eels
  140. Rope Fish Query??
  141. Questions regarding bioload
  142. Fish for my non-filter tank
  143. ID: Killifish
  144. Not feeding SAE and Otocinclus with fish food
  145. Availability of turtle/tortoise as pets in Singapore
  146. Fishes vs Prawns
  147. Parambassis lala?
  148. Found newly born Clown Killie, Pseudepiplatys annulatus
  149. Abyssal freshwater fish
  150. Putting plants in my Arowana tank?
  151. ID: What fish is this? - Monopterus albus
  152. Keeping Arowana with Ranchu or Angelfish?
  153. Keeping licorice gourami and pencilfish
  154. Yellow Tail vs. Banjar Arowana
  155. What do the abbreviations "cf.", "aff.", "spp." mean?
  156. Keeping Gobies and Hillstream loaches together
  157. Faded colour of fishes
  158. PFK Fishnews: Two new Rivulus killies named
  159. Setting up a breeding tank for Dario sp.
  160. Recommendation for hardy fishes?
  161. ID: Need help to identify fish - Nothobranchius rachovii
  162. Arowana keeepers! Fall in here!
  163. Betta as Arowana Feeder
  164. ID: Fish - Indostomus spp.
  165. How to differentiate between the species/sub-species of lampeye killies?
  166. Poll for your best schooling fish!
  167. PFK Fishnews: New Stiphodon goby described from Sumatra
  168. Fingerfish Nightmare!!!
  169. Black Fins of Silver Dollars
  170. Want to know more about your fishes
  171. What food to feed estuarine fishes?
  172. Need stocking advice for a 3 feet planted tank
  173. What can I rear in a "2.5 litres bowl" with an air pump?
  174. Pseudomugil signifer
  175. Killifish: Nothobranchius guentheri "Zanzibar" TAN 97/2
  176. Killifish: Nothobranchius rachovii "Beira" 98
  177. Killifish: Nothobranchius korthausae "Kiziko" TAN 05-47
  178. Killifish: Aphyosemion gabunense
  179. Killifish: Nothobranchius patrizii "Msumalini Creek" K 96-23
  180. Killifish: Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus
  181. ID: What are these fishes? - Xiphophorus spp.
  182. Any mid-top level fish to recommend for a 1-ft tank?
  183. PFK Fishnews: Rachovia stellifer killifish placed in new Llanolebias genus
  184. PFK Fishnews: New killifish named from Tocatins basin
  185. Dwarf puffer diet
  186. What eats hair algae?
  187. Batrachomoeus trispinosus
  188. Xenentodon cancila
  189. Recommendation of schooling fishes for a 3 feet tank
  190. ID: What are these fishes? - Microrasbora erythromicron & Sphaerichthys vaillanti
  191. Questions on Goldfish spawning
  192. Stocking advice for a 35 gallon tank
  193. Amazon underwater habitat
  194. What Fish Would Go Good In A....
  195. Who ate the cherry shrimps?
  196. Gymnothorax tile
  197. ID: What goby is this?
  198. Tankmates for Bumblebee goby
  199. Green/blue monkey?
  200. Freshwater goby series: Stiphodon percnopterygionus
  201. Freshwater goby series: Stiphodon semoni
  202. Freshwater goby series: Schismatogobius sp.
  203. Freshwater goby series: Lentipes multiradiatus
  204. Killifish: Aphyosemion gabunense marginatum
  205. Killifish: Nothobranchius fuscotaeniatus "Kitonga"
  206. PFK Articles: Fish for small aquariums
  207. Freshwater tankmates for...
  208. Red eared sliders (Terrapins)
  209. My pair of Dario dario
  210. Need advice on dwarf puffer
  211. PFK Fishnews: New killifish genus and species described
  212. ID: Help identify this fish?
  213. Freshwater goby series: Stigmatogobius sadanundio
  214. What to try out in this tank?
  215. ID: What fish? - Rhinogobius duospilus
  216. Questions on keeping waspfish
  217. Blackwater fish from lower Rajang river
  218. PFK Fishnews: New species of killifish described - Rivulus giarettai
  219. PFK Fishnews: New species of aplocheiloid killifish described - Rivulus formosensis
  220. Isolating mother-to-be fishes in breeding compartment?
  221. Threadfin rainbowfish, Iriatherina werneri
  222. Freshwater goby series: Gobiopterus chuno
  223. Killifish: Pseudepiplatys annulatus
  224. ID: What Rainbowfish is this? - Pseudomugil furcatus
  225. Badis sp. "Buxar"
  226. What type of fishes are wild stock?
  227. ID: Can you identify this fish? - Oxyeleotris marmorata
  228. Lam_wn's first killifish experience
  229. Can I keep Soon Hock (Oxyeleotris marmorata) and freshwater lobster together?
  230. Killifish: Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus
  231. Killifish: Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum
  232. Killifish: Procatopus nototaenia
  233. ID: Please help identify this fish
  234. Compatibility of Neon Tetras with Cherry Barbs & Zebra Danios?
  235. Fish suggestions for pond
  236. ID: Dragon Knife Fish
  237. Iriatherina werneri
  238. Pseudomugil signifer
  239. Fed up with skittish fish
  240. ID: Please identify this fish - Iriatherina werneri
  241. Recommendation of best fancy fish
  242. What type of fish?
  243. ID: Oryzias celebensis
  244. Can recommend me fish that meet these requirements?
  245. PFK Fishnews: New Austrolebias killifish named - Austrolebias paucisquamis
  246. PFK Fishnews: New Heterandria described from Mexico - Heterandria tuxtlaensis
  247. Aphanius species
  248. Fish which meets these requirements...
  249. What do baby lampeyes eat?
  250. PFK Fishnews: New sexually dimorphic knifefish described