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  1. How to keep live daphnia alive in pack?
  2. White dot on head of Apistogramma agassizii 'Tefe'!!
  3. Pangasius hypophthalmus disease
  4. How to save an apisto?
  5. How important is Iodine to Invertebrates?
  6. Wipe out!!
  7. Decap brine shrimp eggs
  8. Water issue
  9. Potassium permanganate in crystal form
  10. Goldfish with boils under the scales
  11. Neon tetra swimming abnormally
  12. Puzzling Cloudy Water
  13. Is this Otocinclus spp. suffering from dropsy?
  14. cloudy eyes and broken fins
  15. Infestion on Celestichthys margaritatus (Microrasbora sp. "galaxy")
  16. white cloudy growth over bala shark eyes
  17. White cloudy growth over bala shark eyes
  18. Treatment for internal bacteria
  19. Will removing Coral chips in ADA soil setup lower pH eventually?
  20. Instructions for Tetratest NO3 testkit
  21. Hi, New to fish, and ill fish
  22. Need help with investigation!!
  23. Reading API kH Testkit
  24. Cleaning the tank and gravel effectively
  25. Problem with worms
  26. What are the uses of Potassium permanganate?
  27. Can help me read my Ammonia levels?
  28. DIY Medication ?
  29. Cardinal tetras not eating
  30. Help Catfish with serious injury
  31. What's the procedure for moving fishes to a new tank?
  32. Blackwater conditioner
  33. Brown Specs in Tank & plant dying.
  34. White spot medication ?
  35. Too much light?
  36. Copods..??..
  37. ph of tap water
  38. Cardinal tetra dying from high ph?
  39. sick cardinal, help id disease please!
  40. How to produce decapsulated brine shrimp eggs
  41. Where can I get Metrodinazole?
  42. Need help with sick altum angel
  43. How to get rid of Malayan Trumpet Snails (MTS)?
  44. [Disease] Camallanus
  45. Pets Family professional fish food
  46. Sera Artemia Mix
  47. Trace Element for fauna
  48. Bulged eyes, help needed
  49. Fauna for tank cycling
  50. Will my tank become overcrowded?
  51. diagnosing sick guppy
  52. URGENT HELP! Lots of my fish dead after massive water change!
  53. Altum Angel got some spot
  54. Is it possible to use Driftwood for Malawi setup?
  55. Fish flakes disintegrate into fine powder
  56. Balloon Rams, pregnant?
  57. What happens to tap water when it is aged?
  58. Black patches on Three-lined pencilfish (Nannostomus trifasciatus)
  59. Dying neon tetras
  60. Tubifex colony build up in my subtrate!!!!!
  61. Live Cultures for Fish
  62. Any experiece with starving corydoras?
  63. My fish is sick! (emperor tetra)
  64. How to cure dropsy?
  65. whitespot on long fin white cloud minnow
  66. Frozen Baby Brine Shrimp: Does such a product Exist?
  67. Information needed on peat
  68. Otocinclus looks like dying...
  69. BBS not hatching
  70. How do you know when the fish food turns bad?
  71. please help!! help advice on fish and meds
  72. How to use Potassium Permanganate as disinfectant agent correctly?
  73. Cherry Shrimp dying, help needed
  74. Using bamboo charcoal
  75. Microworms as live food for fish fry
  76. How harmful is CO2 to beneficial bacteria?
  77. Worms attack!!!
  78. Shrimp eaters
  79. cherry barb with bloated stomach
  80. Opinion on water conditioning products
  81. Holland Ram
  82. Queries about usage of ketapang leaves
  83. HELP NEEDED! Platy lay eggs!!?
  84. Is superglue toxic to shrimp/fish?
  85. hmm break down info needed
  86. Leaving Betta splenden unattended for a week?
  88. Fish Food: Daphnia
  89. Adding more than 1 sponge filter to my 2ft tank?
  90. How to reduce stress caused to fishes from home renovations?
  91. Do tetra eat live brine Shrimps ?
  92. Need Urgent Help!! Peruvian Angel with hole in head disease!
  93. Using Fairy Shrimp Eggs
  94. Question on filtering with peat
  95. How to enhance color of Cardinal Tetra?
  96. Need help with my pencilfish
  97. Can anyone help ID this disease? Help me help my fish!
  98. Anyone use PSB (Photo Synthetic Bacteria) before?
  99. Tiger Barb with dropsy
  100. Hatching Brine Shrimp in Freshwater?
  101. Cloudy water when reusing ADA substrate
  102. Questions for Seachem Clarity users!
  103. Sera Omnipur - can cure ICH?
  104. Tiger Barbs and Neon Tetras?
  105. Let's talk about food to promote fish color
  106. Adult Brine Shrimp vs Baby Brine Shrimp
  107. Fungus on my wild female Betta macrostoma
  108. Microwaving decapsulated baby brine shrimp?
  109. Is Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) safe for fish?
  110. What's your tap water pH?
  111. Help! Green Terror being terrorized!
  112. wierd guppy behaviour
  113. Mineral Water Safe for Shrimps?
  114. Neon Tetra Having White Spot - Salt or Medication?
  115. Help Urgent! regarding wrigglers and parents
  116. White spots on rummy nose and harlequin
  117. Urgent Help Needed with dying fishes!
  118. PFK Fishnews: Reintroduced conserved fishes susceptible to parasites
  119. PFK Fishnews: New technique detects KHV more accurately
  120. Hatching Fresh Water Brine Shrimp
  121. new canister filter for 55 gallon
  122. Moving House, Moving Tank
  123. How To Feed FD Bloodworms To Mid-Level Fish
  124. Atisons betta PRO
  125. Raising Brine Shrimp
  126. Measure hardness of water
  127. Dying Corys, ph 8! Is that too high?
  128. Feeding competition "tetra vs cory"
  129. What's the best food for CRS?
  130. Hikari Frozen Bloodworm changed packaging?
  131. Will high ammonia level destroy the BB during tank cycle
  132. Decap Brine Shrimp Eggs: Good or Bad?
  133. How much can Blackwater lower the pH?
  134. What Do You Do To Lower pH?
  135. Arowana fasting for long long time
  136. Arowana size vs tank size
  137. Dows the GH really matter?
  138. SAE death. injury/illness?
  139. Female Apistogramma cacatuoides has swollen lips!
  140. How to bring down nitrate levels?
  141. Does Eheim substrate pro raise pH?
  142. Diet for my red rubies?
  143. Frequency of water change
  144. Will fish get electric shock???
  145. Frequency of cleaning Cannister Filter
  146. ADA clear super
  147. PFK Articles: Frequently asked questions on treating sick fish
  148. seachem flourish
  149. Is your Quarantine Tank a permanent setup?
  150. What Filter Media to Use?
  151. PFK Articles: Things fishkeepers should not do
  152. Livestock in a 3 ft (55 gallon) planted setup
  153. Blackwater for my pleco?
  154. How to take care of Goldfishes?
  155. List of Aquarium medication
  156. My tank has a pH value of only 5.1!
  157. Waterlife - Protozin
  158. Help, what are these???
  159. Feeding tubifex worms any problem???
  160. Comet hardly moving or eating
  161. Maintaining tubifex worms
  162. Worried for shrimps
  163. I think my Seachem Prime smells funny
  164. Using Table Salt as a substitute?
  165. White Spot Disease Treatment in Planted Tank
  166. Recommendation needed - pH/kH/GH test kits
  167. Anyone know what's Ketapang leaves?????
  168. GH of Singapore tap water?
  169. New Product: Dr. Bassleer's Biofish Food
  170. Not enough to school around...
  171. How to catch a fish in a heavily planted tank?
  172. Heavy gravel/plant movement kills fishes?
  173. Melafix Plus introduction of Amano Shrimps
  174. Recommendations for NLS food formulas
  175. How to feed fishes if going away for few days to few weeks???
  176. Please Help, Anyone
  177. White spot problem in new tank
  178. Power maintenance - no power for 7 hours!!
  179. PFK Fishnews: Undercover survey reveals aquarium retailer filter cycling advice
  180. Dried pellets/food kept in fridge/freezer?
  181. Clown Loaches with ICH!!!!
  182. Arowana having dropsy!!
  183. hi new to site and need help-please
  184. Nematoda / Worms
  185. white tinge to water
  186. Water cycling
  187. water paramaters for "fresh" water
  188. Help needed, fish dying enmasse.
  189. Experience with New Life Spectrum TheraA Pellets
  190. how to bring down ammonia?
  191. KH and GH
  192. guppies in office
  193. White spot medication and fry
  194. Fishless Cycling
  195. PFK Fishnews: Child hospitalised after drinking fish medication
  196. whats some great hidding places for crs
  197. Where to buy microworm culture?
  198. "White" Eye Crayfish - is it injured?
  199. How do you keep your shrimp food?
  200. Frozen bloodworms as staple
  201. Questions on the ammonia readings of my tanks
  202. Problem im facing with my tank
  203. "Fractured" neon tetra - should I be concerned?
  204. How do you properly cycle a tank for CRS?
  205. Can I breed fighting fish in a pond?
  206. Help! white spot outbreak!
  207. the best food for fries
  208. Help!! Multiple deaths
  209. Apistogramma agassizii with pop eye?
  210. Spirulina powder
  211. 2 deaths in my 4 month old tank
  212. Prevention internal infection
  213. How to cultivate live BBS?
  214. HELP!! Corys with fungus!!!
  215. How do I save my grindal worm culture?!
  216. Feeding Nori Seaweed
  217. Dropping pH
  218. Neon Tetra Disease
  219. Hairy/Furry Shrimps! Help!
  220. Sera pH minus
  221. Help, shrimps die within 30 mins
  222. Help Needed! driftwood Leaking Tannin
  223. What products can help maintain good water quality for my CRS tank?
  224. Should I be concerned with this lump on my Apistogramma?
  225. Female Apistogramma viejita has sunken stomach
  226. BBS: Hatch Once a Week & Feed For 5 days +
  227. Help to identify worms
  228. First aid box
  229. Apistogramma disease?
  230. help
  231. safe to buy?
  232. Fish mouth skin peeling!!
  233. Apistogramma not eating! Need Help!
  234. Feedbacks on ADA AP-2/3 Gold Fish Food
  235. Help! My Neon Tetras are slowly dying off...
  236. Improved version of Mosura Bioplus shrimp food?
  237. Help - Neon Tetra Disease?
  238. Dosing Protozin in a dwarf shrimp tank
  239. Question, setting up temporary 10L tank
  240. ADA AP-1 or AP-2?
  241. Where to find waterlife-protozin?
  242. change water while cycling
  243. Feeding pellets to corys
  244. Buying a New fish Tank
  245. Is lead weight toxic to fishes and plants?
  246. Aynone know the cause or remedy?
  247. Problems with golden barb
  248. fish scratching body against wood, is it itch?
  249. Is this hole in the head on Discus?
  250. Feeding Dario dario