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  1. Need reconfirmation - ID disease
  2. Endler is sick!!!
  3. Fighting Snails in A Tanganyika Lamprologus Tank
  4. sorry, but cloudy watar again....
  5. Help!! Sperm-like worms
  6. Cleaning up a diseased tank
  7. Snail Killer Solution has melted my plants
  8. Any possibility of CO2 overdose?
  9. Drift Wood rotting
  10. Raising TDS to 150
  11. Wild discus Deworming
  12. Assassin snails against planaria?
  13. What staple fish food to give a tank of angels and cardinal tetra?
  14. Snails in tank
  15. How often do you wash your filter
  16. Help Needed For Apistogramma Diplotaenia!
  17. How to lower pH level?
  18. Bottled water for planted tanks
  19. Beneficial bacteria
  20. pH of Gex soil
  21. How to clean my shrimp tank without disturbing the shrimps?
  22. Anyone expert in water treatment
  23. Tubifex worms attached on Cardinal tetra body? (Roundworms)
  24. Is this Ulcer disease?
  25. need help and advice for sick discus.
  26. Polypterus senegalus diseased (bichir)
  27. Water Change and Salt
  28. Melafix
  29. Raising and Buffering the pH using Epsom Salts
  30. Tiny worms in tank
  31. only have baby snails
  32. Urgent help need on Mac Fry
  33. increasing kH naturally ?
  34. worms on my rainbows!
  35. High GH but low ph
  36. new sponge filter will affect the water parameter?
  37. how to bring buffer up ph?
  38. cardinal die so suddent,Help
  39. [Help] fungus or bacteria on my neon tetra
  40. You guys aren't going to believe this!!!
  41. tiny white spots on sides of glass
  42. Dropsy? Getting Better
  43. Pop eye
  44. Help! Clown Killifish Upside down
  45. Qns: Rain water for new set up tank
  46. Aged Water a Must?
  47. Mouth rot? Mouth fungus? Ulcer? How to treat?
  48. Medication for white spot in planted tank
  49. Need Help....
  50. Shrimps Vanishing
  51. What's wrong with my Arowana? Please help!! ):
  52. Help ID - White spots on tank glass
  53. Does pro-bacteria additive expire?
  54. Hai Feng - Ever Nature Fish Food
  55. white spots on betta fry
  56. lower pH kills CRS?
  57. Any difference between....
  58. Where to buy sera med professional nematol
  59. grindal vs tubifex
  60. Cherry barb looking like a balloon
  61. Red Belly Fungus?
  62. Help with discus
  63. Rain water instead of tap
  64. My 1st New fish tank with DIY C02. Need advice
  65. hang on filters
  66. water from water cooler
  67. How do we know if a fish is blind?
  68. Help! white patch on fins of cardinals
  69. Help....Questions related to Cannister Filter after medication
  70. GH value in freshwater setup
  71. volcanic rock
  72. New unknown member in my tank ...
  73. New Unknown Member In My 1 Year Old Tank
  74. Fire Eel
  75. Anyone use before API ph 6.5?
  76. URGENT: what the dosage for Nizole deworm
  77. eheim 2260 or fluval fx5?
  78. ohf or canister is a better means of filtration?
  79. POP eye ( URGENT )
  80. Table salt vs aquarium salt
  81. black residue inside seachem prime
  82. Active carbon
  83. From my Naracara sales thread ...
  84. Dark patch behind stomachs (Clown Loach)
  85. too much filter media?
  86. Question on GH
  87. Exposing yourself to health hazardous acids by using products like PH down.
  88. Donald duck lips on fish followed by certain death
  89. Feeding Discus with Mealworm? Or other ways to "PUMP" them up?
  90. White Mould ( HELP )
  91. Hikari sinking carnivore pellet stench?
  92. Swim Bladder Inflammation
  93. Overdoseing of Black Water
  94. Food for Fire eel?
  95. Is UV good for Planted Shrimps Tank?
  96. Need help with sick galaxy
  97. Possible fin rot + Emaciation/internal parasites?
  98. pH problem - 7.2
  99. what fish eat planaria?
  100. Brands of medication for fish diseases.
  101. De-worm medication for discus in planted tank?
  102. question about o2
  103. oto death
  104. Altum's finrot,broken feelers, Furan 2 treatment
  105. Filter media recommendation
  106. Methods to prevent hamful worms or bugs!!
  107. Old sea mud or powder?
  108. power of peat
  109. How to increase GH?
  110. Eheim or Sera Peat
  111. Mysterious Death of shrimps
  112. Need help for my cories
  113. Clearing of betta waste
  114. fire eel fungus infected
  115. planaria - how do they get into our tanks?
  116. How long can fish go without food?
  117. Potassium Permanganate Dosage
  118. Online Disease Identification and Treatment
  119. Tank without Filter and Air Pump
  120. Filling up the tank..
  121. water
  122. question on GH
  123. Unusual rise in tank pH... why?
  124. How do you go about treating diseases?
  125. Powerful Oto Shit!
  126. Does blackwater extract bring down your pH ? REALLY?
  127. WATER MANAGEMENT: Using Spagnum Moss
  128. Suicidal Guppies
  129. How do you introduce fish into tank?
  130. Quarantine / hospital tank setup
  131. Fish-less Cycling using blood worms..
  132. Cardinal Tetra turn pale and die
  133. Problems with my JBL test kits..
  134. How to prepare vegetable for Pleco?
  135. Help my red platy please!
  136. disease affecting my ram
  137. The fastest and easiest way to cycle a tank. please advise
  138. Anyone uses boiled egg yolk as fry feed?
  139. EMERGENCY Help with white spot using protozin
  140. Moving a Planted Tank
  141. Biohome vs Nitrate
  142. Help : i think my goldfish laid eggs!!
  143. Help my panda corydoras problems
  144. algae for shrimps
  145. Will lead metal leech into the water column?
  146. Shrimps
  147. Dead Clown Killifish
  148. undissolved air bubbles
  149. Ikan Sepat and water conditions
  150. Sick Galaxy (Celestial Pearl Danio)
  151. which fish shop provides mulm, old tank water, or used filter sponge?
  152. Harlequin Rasbora with tumor?
  153. Removing oil "film" from water surface
  154. Ammonia Test Kit Question
  155. pH and RO water
  156. Help, Cardinals dying
  157. UV sterilizer
  158. Jumpo size XXL cardinal
  159. Help!!!! (Brown soft jelly substance in Planted tank)
  160. Ich wiped out my tank - what do I do?
  161. Anti-Chlorine, "Removes heavy metal" questions
  162. pH of the water
  163. How to get rid of water flea from shrimps tank
  164. Cloudy water : bacterial bloom?
  165. Help: Keeping Pelia or bottom plants from Rotting
  166. question on coral chips
  167. Steps to take when fauna are dying
  168. How to care of your goldenfish?
  169. Help - Tiger fish dying one by one
  170. Need help to identify disease?
  171. New life spectrum fish food
  172. Seachem Multitest test kits
  173. Strange disease on one of my cardinal tetras
  174. Hard time feeding IT aka tigerfish
  175. where to find dried daphnia ?
  176. water have a layer of slime after a few days
  177. why did my sucky fish died? :(
  178. Help needed with interpet anti-white spot treatment?
  179. Anyone heard of Doctor Aqua?
  180. Neon with suspected dropsy
  181. Hikari Shrimp Cuisine
  182. Culturing Live Foods for the home aquarium
  183. Need help about green spotted puffer fish
  184. Change driftwood, reset cycling?
  185. HBH or Hikari for BN fry
  186. Small Gey bug in tank
  187. How to get rid of Brown Algae?
  188. What's wrong when fish have puffy eyes?
  189. Blue Green Algae: Time for battle?
  190. Overfeeding pleco fry?
  191. my discus won't eat...
  192. What brand pellets do you feed your Rams?
  193. Cloudy Water
  194. PFK RSS Feed: Frequently asked questions on green water
  195. Vegetable Nutrition Comparison
  196. EMERGENCY: Fire Eel attacked by fungus
  197. Boraras dying off
  198. Yamato shrimps eaten up?
  199. Water centipede??
  200. What kind of food best for albino full red guppy's fries
  201. Dropsy!!!
  202. Goldfish's waste is green, thin and floating. Any problems?
  203. Angel lays eggs but next day they're GONE!!
  204. This Angel seems sick
  205. Tapeworms?
  206. Soft, stable, and acidic water
  207. Brownish greenish sandy particle
  208. Terrapins lacking calcium I think.
  209. rotting barbel
  210. What is a correct way to quarantine fishes
  211. HELP!! Something wrong with my discus
  212. Death of a pet
  213. PH level of ADA Amazonia 1
  214. Snails Attacking..... And Attacking...
  215. What is your preferred pellet/flake food for your discus?
  216. Bloated Cardinal Tetra
  217. Pugnax ill?
  218. How to get rid of smell?
  219. Help! 3 of my cherry barbs have already died!
  220. Cardinal Tetra with worm-like string curled up near the anus
  221. Ich Attack By Kordon
  222. Is this fin rot for my guppy?
  223. PFK RSS Feed: Frequently asked questions on using salt
  224. PFK RSS Feed: Frequently asked questions on temperature
  225. What's wrong with my goldfish? Please help!
  226. Ways to maintain at pH 7
  227. Seachem Alkaline Buffer
  228. ADA (II) Soil + Coral Sand pH???
  229. Sickly sparkling gourami
  230. Beef heart flakes
  231. Can bb still survive if removed from tank
  232. DIY blackwater
  233. Nutrafin Plus Tap Water Dechlorinator
  234. What are your successful experiences in treating fin rot?
  235. Angel fish has cloudy eyes.
  236. Little moving red dots in my tank??
  237. Red tail catfish
  238. Male Apisto Agazzizzi keeps dying
  239. Mircobe-Lift / Special Blend
  240. Cloudy water *help*
  241. Anti chlorine - Which brand is good ?
  242. Female Australe Bulging Stomach
  243. small white shells
  244. Aquarium Calculator - Converted Gallons
  245. Water pH
  246. ember tetra turning black
  247. PH level of new set up tank very low. Advice needed.
  248. water hardness and pH for guppy
  249. Is this fish suffering from some illness
  250. Why is one side of my discus's gill plate flaring? - advise needed