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  1. platies not eating at surface!!
  2. Bumps on wild betta fish
  3. Topping up with Ice Mountain
  4. How to tend to betta that has jumped out of tank?
  5. Tubifex experiment
  6. Water Hardness Areas of the U.S.
  7. TDS meter - where and which ?
  8. Brackish
  9. bb culture
  10. Help my sick gourami!!!
  11. Something wrong with not one, but two hardness test kits?
  12. Green water invasion!!
  13. Topping up evaporated water
  14. Seeking treatment advise for white spots in planted tank.
  15. Palm tree bark
  16. what to feed plakats that are in a community tank?
  17. question on mosura shizen
  18. PFK RSS Feed: What to do if you find a dead fish in your tank
  19. where can i get frozen mysis shrimp/ brine shrimp?
  20. [HELP] Weird tank parameters after ~2weeks into fishless cycling
  21. LFS reluctant to sell test kit?
  22. Sulawesi shrimp diet and water management
  23. Confusing Seachem Safe
  24. ramshorn snail infestation
  25. Will it work like what i think??
  26. Asking about Shrimp
  27. can someone help ? white tiny spot found on shrimp tank glass
  28. No-planaria in 72 hrs
  29. Bio media filtration suggestion for 2 feet tank
  30. Biohome media
  31. Advice needed
  32. Alternative filtration media
  33. How should I introduce my fishes to the new tank?
  34. Brine Shrimp Eggs
  35. hi bros. need help.
  36. PFK RSS Feed: How to set up a quarantine tank
  37. Please advise Treating Tap Water [Aeration]
  38. Water circulation vs Co2 lost rate & distribution
  39. Neon Tetra dying in bulk
  40. NH3 vs NH4
  41. Upside down drifting Guppy!
  42. Need Help With "Red Spots" need recommedation of medication
  43. Help with green water
  44. CPO head area has whitish hair. is it normal?
  45. Splitting long tail guppies
  46. How much anti chlorine do you use?
  47. Media
  48. Pumpkin seed as dewormer for fish ?
  49. Any one knows how to remove limpets?
  50. Migration from HOB to canister filter
  51. PFK RSS Feed: How to ensure there's enough oxygen in your pond
  52. how to treat suspected fungus on corys in planted tank.
  53. Newbie question about changing sponge filters
  54. Questions on peppered cory
  55. No ammonia if PH below 7.0?
  56. Rain water safe?
  57. Help!! Very hard water!
  58. PFK RSS Feed: What you need to know about hole in the head disease
  59. Help on new planted tank
  60. Other Factors besides gh that cause a high tds reading
  61. How to enhance redness in silver dollar?
  62. Water turning brown WITHOUT the presence of any driftwood/bog-wood
  63. How Rowaphos to put?
  64. Water change for 2ft tank
  65. Pros and cons of 10% wc on alternate days for planted tank?
  66. Looking for live food culture
  67. Plant fert with guppies
  68. How to really measure water conditions properly
  69. Koi Fishes not swimming during day time
  70. female guppy disease
  71. Clamped fins, shimmying + flashing = sure signs of Flukes ??
  72. New NTUC Life Water
  73. Water change during white spot high temperature treatment
  74. what causes really sudden tannin surge
  75. Whats the proper way to perform water change
  76. Liquified Beneficial Bacteria
  77. 3 Litre Tank
  78. Where to buy live blood worms?
  79. seachem prime, mix and use immeidately?
  80. What causes water to be oily and black
  81. Cleaning Aquarium Sand
  82. BorneoWild Humic
  83. what bait to use for gush catch pen?
  84. cotton wool??
  85. Planaria problem
  86. Will Sera Peat change the colour of water
  87. ram food
  88. [Newbie] Fish keeps dying
  89. Cycling tank readings
  90. Which is better, frozen blood worms or live tubifex
  91. Guppy fin rot
  92. API Master Test Kit (5 in 1)
  93. [newbie] white spot disease treatment
  94. Daphnia feeding and filter
  95. SeaChem pH & ammonia gauge
  96. Raising of Discus Fries
  97. Tetra Refill test kits
  98. Ich? Finrot?
  99. Shrimps and fish fall-in forming contingent at the surface of water
  100. Dero worms
  101. Help with water turning yellow
  102. Semi-translucent worms + white zippy bits! AGH!
  103. Convert feet to liters?
  104. Which LFS sell spirulina powder?
  105. Drift wood pollute water
  106. Gravel cleaning
  107. Corydora Sterbai under attack
  108. Betta fish with terrapins
  109. [Help] Parrot cichlid diesease
  110. Clear water with white dust like particle in aquarium.
  111. Freeze dried fish food
  112. piscine energetics mysis shrimp
  113. Weird weird white circular spots on my tank wall. Help needed
  114. Need help to identity these white spots in my shrimp tank
  115. Cloudy water 0 ammonia 0 nitrite
  116. will tanic acid kill my fish?
  117. Endler's Livebearers Water Conditions
  118. What is the white spot on my guppy?
  119. Questions on Daphnia
  120. Does anyone know which lfs selling " jungle lab " med ?
  121. Worms inside newly setup aquascape lowtech aquarium
  122. Goldfish floating
  123. Water conditioner
  124. Feeding Tubiflex worms
  125. Somebody refresh my memory please
  126. What Could Have Killed my Dojo?
  127. Dr bassleer bio fish food
  128. Temperature of water
  129. Which LF has a wide range of Hikari food products?
  130. High Ammonia/Ammonium Levels
  131. how to maintain tank?
  132. enlighten me please
  133. Cory expert please help
  134. Reducing Nitrate Levels?
  135. Can Sea Salt lower the chance of algae growth?
  136. Help with water issue
  137. cycle tank for 4 weeks still full of ammonia?
  138. Vacuum type flat head for changing water
  139. white spots
  140. Care for angelfish fries
  141. White Spots on Altum head, not Ick, what could it be?
  142. haze affect water conditions?
  143. Sucker Fish ate red ramhorn snail
  144. new to planted tank
  145. Cories with mouth fungus
  146. Bala shark (juvenile) diet
  147. Lower PH in aquarium with Crushed Coral
  148. Change in water parameters due to haze?
  149. ST: Thousands of fish dead as dry spell hits farms in Lim Chu Kang
  150. I got babies! Electric Blue Balloom Ram
  151. How to increase KH and PH.
  152. Anyone still using LIFE distilled water ?
  153. PH 4.8 too low for planted tank?.
  154. My Betta Is Sick.. Seek Help!!
  155. Rainwater Harvesting
  156. How to let Riccia Fluitans in bubbles.
  157. 1:10 Filteration Theory....Please Enlighten.
  158. Does your Seachem Prime smells like vinegar?
  159. Dwarf puffer diet
  160. Cory sterbai covered in white layer
  161. Why does my discus change its color a lot?
  162. Persistent Algae
  163. Changing of filter for newbies
  164. Hello,
  165. Help ! What is happening to my betta ?
  166. Will Marble Hatchet Fish fly out of the tank?
  167. Help needed pls
  168. Pencil Fish (Nannostomus) Dancing (Spawning)
  169. Newbee question on filtering
  170. Altum Angel Sick
  171. Ideal temperature in a 10G tank.
  172. What's wrong with my water?
  173. Cloudy water after using Seachem Purigen
  174. Water Change for Betta
  175. Cycling Multiple tanks with centralised filter
  176. What brand of fish food do you feed your small fishes?
  177. Freshwater algae eaters
  178. Added filter seed culture, water is gathering bubbles-biofilm?
  179. Sick Ram, is it camallanus worms?
  180. Recycling/ Re-using aquarium water.
  181. EIHO anti ammonia and chlorine
  182. Feeding alternatives for Assassin snails
  183. Tiger Barb with Rummy Nose
  184. Potential mosquito breeding problem?
  185. Please Help?! Water Issues In An Established A.C. Tank
  186. How to store excess Baby Brine Shrimps??
  187. Ich/ick on my rams
  188. Gh 12 too high for shrimps and endlers?
  189. Automatic fish feeder user please advise
  190. HELP: Eye fungus and ich
  191. Fishes are dying, do I need to re-scape my tank?
  192. Thick Brownish Oil on surface of water
  193. Which LFS Sells Daphnia (Ang Boon) Regularly?
  194. Ocean nutrition instant baby brine shrimp food or other recommendation
  195. What The Shell Is This?
  196. Needs help.
  197. PH level from your tap water
  198. Feeding tubiflex worm? Please read this.
  199. Is adding trace elements during water changes necessary?
  200. Brown Hair Algae In Filter. High Nitrates?
  201. Water Conditions of Various LFS
  202. Do we need heater?
  203. Help!! Arowana open gills!! Why?!
  204. Does Seachem Prime increases PH
  205. Expiry of medication
  206. Fin rot? What medication to get?
  207. Why Do My Fish Spit Out Food?
  208. Gold Fish Eggs - please help tell me if they are alive!
  209. Is this a mouth infection?
  210. Growth/bubble/something on my Daemon, what could it be?
  211. Seachem Neutral Regulator
  212. sengkang water ph went up to 8.4? anyone can confirmed?
  213. Needs helps. Motoro not eating.
  214. Silicon safe for fish?
  215. Platinum White Betta with injured fins?
  216. How Many Fishes In A 3 By 1.5 Feet Fish Tank?
  217. Need help with my Neon Tetra
  218. Daphina
  219. Need help with dying panda corys
  220. How to cure my blood parrot
  221. Mosura Shrimpton
  222. Skinny fish sickness
  223. Cycling with BT-9
  224. Keeping Fish Food Fresh
  225. Questions....
  226. Question: White mucus thing on Discus body
  227. Discus Spawning - Advise Needed
  228. Fish dying and I am clueless what to do next
  229. Seachem Acid Buffer ( my experience )
  230. Need help to ID white growth on Congo tetra.
  231. Daphnia Cost
  232. Male fat platy or pregnant platy
  233. pH levels
  234. Will ionizer harm fish
  235. Fin rot on Betta?
  236. Fish plants and summer heat
  237. Need help for my sick ranchu
  238. Cory cat and amano shrimp?
  239. Tap water ammonia at 0.5ppm
  240. Sick Cory
  241. Low pH levels from unknown source
  242. clamped tail fin
  243. wounded fish. Please advice How to help it..thanks
  244. Sick harlequin rasbora, please advise!
  245. Test results seeking advise
  246. Tiny particles flowing around in my tank.
  247. Swordtails and platy
  248. Many bubbles together with some unknown patches together
  249. Cycling new tank with existing media and used water?
  250. Raphael catfish sick??