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  1. Return of hobby
  2. Please Help and Advise on new tank
  3. New 45cm Opticube
  4. Where to buy wood for aquarium
  5. Vicious leopard danio.... Help
  6. I am thinking of Building an RO......
  7. What plant is this?
  8. A lot of this things on my tank.
  9. New setup advise
  10. water back flow
  11. HOF for a 45cm planted tank
  12. Seachem Excel
  13. where to get dwarf puffer fish that eat snail.?
  14. Micron socks in canister.
  15. help needed
  16. White mold on food?
  17. Rocks for amazon biotope
  18. what kind of fish that can go with cherry shrimp?
  19. Cherry shrimp is it normal???
  20. My purchase list, do I need anything else?
  21. fishless cycle
  22. My second tank (after I failed the first)
  23. Prawn food from tetra crusta grow white stuff
  24. Upgrading to bigger tank
  25. Planted : starting small
  26. Glass vs plastic tanks
  27. My 1st planted tanks
  28. 1ft starter..
  29. 3 weeks to cycle
  30. Method on replanting a mature tank
  31. iyanden's beginner 60cm tank
  32. Does a purely planted tank need anti chlorine ?
  33. Weather loach, sick? (Lump, pale, lethargic)
  34. how to get rid bb hair algae remains from furnitures?
  35. DSM try, i hope they grow
  36. Under Gravel Filter
  37. Cherry shrimp breeding
  38. Scarlet Badis (Dorio Dorio)
  39. Beginner's Iwagumi Journey
  40. Brownish/Greenish Water
  41. Riparium Advice needed
  42. Shifting House
  43. Filter media for canister media
  44. Lighting duration for planted tank
  45. Another tank before i start my tank...
  46. Undergravel filter questions for planted shrimp tank
  47. Aquaponics.
  48. Please help identify this creepy alien organism in my tank!
  49. cherry shrimps and other shrmps
  50. Where to buy ADA Aqua Amazonia Soil?
  51. Siamese Alage Eater eating Moss
  52. newbie on 2ft tank
  53. Koi swordtails
  54. Good Filter or not ?!
  55. Help/advices for convertion of fresh water tank to fish only marine tank.
  56. Newbie, beginner's attempt on 1ft tank
  57. Newbie's attempt at a nano tank. (dry start?)
  58. Where to buy aqua plant? for non C02...
  59. Unknown
  60. Question about snail in new tank
  61. will purigen affect cycling?
  62. Hello everyone
  63. Any suggestion on algae eating snail/fish in my shrimp tank?
  64. Help Needed: Discus spawned in my community tank
  65. Any recommendation on chiller for 2 feet tank? (60x45x45)
  66. mosquito rasboras
  67. fish laid eggs in sick tank. what do i do?
  68. Feeding Celestial Pearl Danios (Danio margaritatus)
  69. rocks for tank?
  70. Adv For My Planted Tank
  71. elatine triandra (APP?)
  72. How to ensure all the fauna survive rescapping of tank?
  73. Need help with new planted tank
  74. Vivarium setupe
  75. Beginner setup 3 FT tanks
  76. Corner filter or sponge filter
  77. Chiller question
  78. How to prevent water from turning Yellow?
  79. How to clear fish poo from soiled tank?
  80. E Tenellus or APP plant
  81. Ecosystem Miracle Mud - Refugium
  82. Whats wrong with my plant?
  83. Like to know what plant goes well in a shrimp tank?
  84. New 2ft planted shrimp tank
  85. Advice needed for Low-Tech planted tank
  86. Need suggestions for Newbie tank and filtration for non-co2 tank
  87. Murky Murky ADA New Amazonia Soil
  88. HC dying or coming back to life again?
  89. Need advice on elevated planted setup
  90. Sharing my first dealings in Planted Tank
  91. CRS destorying my HC carpet
  92. childish 45cm tank
  93. Fertilizer for tank with plants
  94. Ammonia & Nitrates in Tap Water
  95. CO2 Advice Needed
  96. What is a MID TECH tank?
  97. ID aquarium pest
  98. PH increase from 6.2 to 7.8 after adding 10 lave rock...
  99. Black water biotope tank
  100. plant ID
  101. Intended Planted Tank Set-up
  102. CNY Sakura's New Crib (Tank)
  103. Nana on tree trunk
  104. driftwood
  105. CO2 recommendation?
  106. Which carpet plant should I choose for a beginner low tech tank?
  107. Black insulator sponge for output water from chiller to tank
  108. where can i buy waterlife protozin?
  109. How to prevent Christmas Christmas moss moss from floating around ? light problem
  110. swordtail and shrimp compatibility? Also, java moss turning brown :(
  111. Chiller for 2213
  112. CONFUSED about substrate
  113. C328 clementi
  114. beginner in need of much advice
  115. Fishes gasping for air after 30%-40% water change
  116. FROG BITS Long roots
  117. Why are my fish dying?
  118. When to refill CO2 tank?
  119. High ph tap water.
  120. Green water in new tank
  121. A noob question about soil
  122. blue rams.
  123. Tank glue coming off
  124. plant quarantine ?
  125. HC Plant Turning Brown After 1.5mths of Planting
  126. New to this fish thing, need help with plant, shrimp, fish
  127. My new tank!
  128. Help asap
  129. Tropica plant growth system 60
  130. Help: Midge fly control - Suggestions for fish predators needed.
  131. Bee shrimp and crystal black are they the same?
  132. Comments on How to Improve Planting/Layout of New 1ft Office Tan
  133. how to convert a tank into a shrimp only tank ?
  134. Preserving leaf litter
  135. Cardinal/Neons and Daphina
  136. My First tank with shrimps! please comment on what I can inprove.
  137. temperature
  138. 2 feet Tank Scape
  139. Chiller for 4 feet shrimp tank
  140. Nice links to aquascaping
  141. Looking for Scarlet Badis
  142. What is this shrimp carrying
  143. Dry fert dosing
  144. Are these Staghorn?
  145. Wabi Kusa Concept- Advice Needed
  146. NEWBIE setup HELP and Advices
  147. about discus fish
  148. How to make sure guppies don't fall sick that easily?
  149. Where can I find Nice Wine Red Bee Shrimp.
  150. CO2 System Problem-
  151. Browning HC
  152. Recommendation for CO2 setup for 1 ft tank
  153. Starting a 2ft Tank and need help.
  154. Startup questions on guppies
  155. Help Needed For a Noob
  156. Haze concern
  157. any good places to buy plants in lfs
  158. shrimps keep dying
  159. Shrimps keep dying.. don't know which is the cause..
  160. urgent help needed. worms found
  161. HELP cycling tank but it's cloudy
  162. Is excel necessary?
  163. dwarf hairgrass stop spreading!
  164. Ammonia in the tank still 2ppm no nitrate or nitrite
  165. Decided to stop drooling at brothers tank and start one of my own~ (please advise)
  166. Is this current too strong
  167. What plant is this?
  168. Effects of Algae Eaters - Tropica Article
  169. Pink Growth on Fish...is it ick ???/
  170. tank cycling problems:(
  171. Question about TDS
  172. tiny 1 to 2 mm black round thing in plants
  173. ehiem eco pro 300 sponge filter
  174. questions about the nitrogen cycle
  175. Major Rescaping, Advice needed.
  176. Beware of Odyssea CFS 500 Canister Filters
  177. benibachi bee3
  178. weird worms / mosquito larva in the tank don't know what they are
  179. Suitable plants for black water tank
  180. Ocean free nano 3 tank
  181. nitrogen cycle finally finishing?
  182. assassin snail
  183. shrimps are safe in off the scale ammonia and nitrite reading
  184. Lava rock?
  185. PRL shrimp tank
  186. Fire red shrimps or pygmy cory?
  187. Cooling Fan
  188. Alien ID
  189. How to clean ANS Bright Sand?
  190. 2ft newbie tank scape progressing
  191. Starting a new planted tank
  192. benibachi soil
  193. Chillers a must for CRS??
  194. Algae Attacking!! How??
  195. New tank journal, "A way to peace"
  196. HC help
  197. Best filter for shrimp tank
  198. Condensation issues
  199. Livestock and filter transfer
  200. Eheim cannister priming problem:(
  201. Need help to interpret water parameters
  202. Tetra and shrimp in a tank
  203. Is filter media needed for shrimp tank?
  204. Strange bug found in freshwater tank
  205. Eheim 2217
  206. Top 10 things I did not know about planted tanks
  207. PH problem
  208. Illegal Gathering in the tank
  209. Fire Red Shrimp Tank
  210. Is 8kg of sand too much for a 2ft tank?
  211. Any other chiller brand beside Hailea
  212. Harmony living
  213. Looking for Used 3ft or 4 ft tank set
  214. Starting a 4ft Planted Tank
  215. 3'x1.5'x1.5' 10mm brace-less tank
  216. first planted tank setup
  217. Urgent help regarding Eheim and Hailea
  218. How to identify non-aquatic plants?
  219. Bucephalandra leaf leaking bubbles?
  220. Newbie trying to start a community tank!
  221. New Tank
  222. Insects in my shrimp tank! Advice needed!
  223. Amount of light for new tank!
  224. LFS that sells frogbits?
  225. Help ! Even Java Moss is giving up in my tank...
  226. Lighting Questions
  227. ISTA C02 supply set
  228. Any Recommendation for Fish Tank Maker?
  229. Can eheim 2211 connect to hc chiller?
  230. Jelly-like substance on driftwood
  231. My very first planted setup...
  232. 3 feet tank set up equipment advice
  233. Tank upgrading with new substrate buy old filter, media and plants
  234. How to trimming Riccia with shrimplets inside?
  235. Help! Why are my plants and water turning brown?
  236. The shrimp topic
  237. Marimo Ball turning brown
  238. My very first tank
  239. Internal filter hydra 30 advice.
  240. Catch shrimp effectively
  241. Algae starting to form... Help!
  242. Setting up outdoor tank
  243. Help with plant ID
  244. Where to buy k1 media?
  245. Fish ID
  246. Amano shrimp turned blue
  247. Wire Mesh on Utricularia Graminifolia
  248. F-ing creepy crawlies
  249. My first shrimp tank!
  250. tank cycling problem