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  1. Recommendation on pleco
  2. johannes' Hypancistrus sp. L260 (Queen Arabesque) spawn!!!
  3. Pleco chew on tube/wire?
  4. iwishweallcouldwin's 3ft tank
  5. Corydoras ID
  6. Fine Beach Sand for cory?
  7. Pleco triangle orange cave
  8. identification catfish asia please
  9. L240 Breeding Size
  10. Awesome Catfish that I stumbled upon
  11. Hypancistrus sp. lower Xingu and L333 "Alenquer" spawned!
  12. gene's pleco finally spawned!
  13. Blind Corydoras sterbai
  14. Corydoras ID
  15. Pleco ID
  16. A series of pleco fry pictures
  17. Cory tank got virus.
  18. Virus?
  19. L88 and L100
  20. PFK Articles: A fishkeepers guide to Panaque
  21. Pleco loves goldfish
  22. PFK Fishnews: Synodontis evolved from single ancestor
  23. L046 frenzy!!!
  24. New tank and new Hypancistrus zebra L046
  25. Panda Cory - Not suitable for tropical tank?
  26. Does bristlenose have bristles when young?
  27. My L333 fries :)
  28. $1-2 pleco
  29. Corydoras Panda Dorsal Fin Fading!?
  30. Is this a TRIO zebra pleco ? sex- help. Lot of pictures.
  31. otto missing mysteriously
  32. TeleCredibles L046 and L014 Collection.
  33. Pre-AQUARAMA 2009 Pictures by Pleco Club Singapore
  34. New tank mate, Pseudacanthicus sp.white spot (L97)
  35. L-number identification
  36. ID help : L168 or other L series
  37. Johannes Collection of Plecos
  38. Catfishes of Aquarama 2009
  39. Patin? ID please
  40. Need advice on wierd behaviour
  41. What does healthy/happy L46 do?
  42. Starting out to keep and breeding L- number plecos.
  43. CATFISH ID: Not a pleco. A catfish. Looks like a zebra catfish.
  44. My Red Tail Catfish. In hospital tank.
  45. Corydoras sp. Peru Green Laser
  46. Blue-eye Panaque
  47. I scared my male L46!!
  48. What Pleco number is this ??
  49. ID pleco help
  50. Adult big corydoras
  51. Small Pleco C328 ID help.
  52. Plecos available in LFS
  53. How many L046 we have in Singapore? or at least in AQ...
  54. Sterba's Cory vs Mosaic Cory
  55. WHY DID MY L010a died just like after 1 day?
  56. Share your pleco tank setup!
  57. Oto feeding alternative?
  58. where to get flat slat and cave?
  59. New arrivals: L134
  60. Pleco ID Help - Possible Hypancistrus sp. lower Xingu?
  61. Stocky,odd looking Cory for ID
  62. jerome's first Hypancistrus zebra (L046) Tank Setup
  63. Corydoras tukano
  64. celticfish's First Pseudacanthicus Tank Setup
  65. drakeho's first L600 spawn ( Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus)
  66. How to tell the sex of L134?
  67. How to grow Corydoras ?
  68. Important: Breeding Brazilian Hypancistrus
  69. Longfin Albino Ancistrus
  70. Corydoras hasbrosus problem
  71. Breeding Corydoras pygmaeus
  72. Spawn update . Black and white L333 pair
  73. Eheim 2211 sufficient for 1.5ft pleco tank?
  74. Pleco I.D. Help
  75. My L333 spawned...
  76. Polyart named their cory wrongly.
  77. desmondekker's Hypancistrus zebra (L046) Setup
  78. desmondekker's New Hypancistrus zebra L046 Community Tank
  79. ID Cory Please - Scleromystax spp.
  80. New to Zebra Pleco
  81. Can Someone Please help me Id the Sexes for them...
  82. Pleco ID Help
  83. Red-tailed Cory at Polyart
  84. New tank setup & Pleco ID Help
  85. genes's pleco tank
  86. Conditioning wild caught L134
  87. L399/400 Spawn
  88. Cory with fin rot
  89. Sexing L134
  90. Need Help in ID-ing Pleco
  91. Pleco size not exceeding 5"
  92. Pleco ID
  93. "Whiteness" of L333
  94. Pleco ready to spawning?
  95. ID: Pleco
  96. Regarding L46 zebra plecos
  97. My Starlight Bristlenose pleco tank
  98. New C. weitzmani Video Posted
  99. zebra loach with swollen tummy
  100. Hypancistrus zebra (L046) sexing ID
  101. Question about red lizard pleco
  102. L046 Sexing ID Help - The moment of truth
  103. Best temperature to keep the L183 ?
  104. L56 (Chubby Pleco)
  105. red tail catfish
  106. Corydoras Breeding
  107. Sexing ID: L333
  108. What to feed pleco fries with
  109. Tank Setups for Hypancistrus spp.
  110. Corydoras and bloodworms
  111. Oto
  112. LDA08 Ancistraus claro Spawn
  113. need help sexing Hypancistrus zebra (L046)
  114. Mistaken Identity - Corydoras
  115. Pleco fry 2ft tank setup
  116. Pseudacanthicus sp. L97 Spawn Pattern Development
  117. Ancistrus ID
  118. Can anyone Id this Pleco for me?
  119. Breeding L046
  120. Zebra problem
  121. adonis pleco ' diet
  122. PFK Articles: New plec named Ancistrus falconensis
  123. PFK Articles: What are Scleromystax and where do they come from?
  124. PFK Articles: New cat named Pseudancistrus kwinti
  125. Help ID this Catfish
  126. ID this pleco
  127. ID Request for Juvenile Pleco
  128. Grand Pope's L134s and their simple home
  129. Need help to id this species of fish
  130. Eggs Found for L144
  131. PFK RSS Feed: What's the best substrate for Corydoras?
  132. celticfish's Hypancistrus sp. L173 odyssey
  133. Purpose of driftwood for pleco
  134. New Old Tank and with inhabitants! (id help please)
  135. My piebald bristlenose spawned with albino var
  136. Otocinclus - pregnant or ill?
  137. Grand Pope's Piebald Bristlenoses
  138. White L134
  139. PFK RSS Feed: Why do plecs have curved pupils?
  140. PFK RSS Feed: Suckermouths scrape a living
  141. Pseudacanthicus sp. L273 Bloated stomach
  142. CW49 big blotch type
  143. Need Assistance: Hypancistrus zebra (L046) sexing
  144. My Pleco tank and some pleco
  145. jerrywll78's Hypancistrus zebra (L046) spawn
  146. Can someone help to ID this pleco?
  147. riltz's Hypancistrus zebra's (L046) second batch
  148. Hypancistrus sp. "Holy Grail"
  149. ABN Bloated Problem?
  150. Help in sexing Hypancistrus zebras (L046)
  151. Bloated Hypancistrus zebra (L046) fry Problem
  152. Two Hypancistrus zebra (L046) to sex
  153. Can Herbivorous and Carnivorous Pleco be kept in the same tank
  154. Can someone help to ID this corydoras
  155. PFK RSS Feed: Two new species of Hypostomus plecs described
  156. What kind of Pleco is this?
  157. Need help with breeding peppered corydoras
  158. my Hypancistrus sp L262 (Stardust pleco) spawned!
  159. Can you help ID this cory for me?
  160. marle's simple pleco setup
  161. PFK RSS Feed: Leopard frog plec has a scientific name
  162. Gulper catfish
  163. Sharing my L399/400 Fries
  164. New Hypancistrus sp. setup
  165. What type of pleco breeding box you use?
  166. Need help on sexing L046
  167. Pleco ID, please?
  168. Zebra Spawned!!
  169. Please help to identify this pleco
  170. Need help to sex these plecos
  171. Think my L46 just spawned and need help on raising fries!
  172. L174 - What is the situation now? (August 2010)
  173. Pleco-keeping: What is the situation now (August 2010)?
  174. Recommendation for small bristle-nose pleco for small (1.5ft) office tank
  175. S. Auruem spawn (:
  176. New and exciting changes at your pleco LFS - NKS Aquarium
  177. Hara Jedoni?
  178. celticfish's Pseudacanthicus sp. L025 breeding project (aka scarlet cactus pleco)
  179. Corydoras Keepers
  180. Corydora Sterbai lay eggs on tank wall!!
  181. Which Peckoltia is this?
  182. Are my L183s fighting?
  183. My Pleco Collection
  184. It is not a pleco, is it a catfish
  185. Please help ID this pleco
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  187. Help: L183 having white spot
  188. adonis pleco
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  190. Help with L183
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  193. PFK RSS Feed: New species of trichomycterid catfish described
  194. PFK RSS Feed: New species of Trichomycterus catfish described
  195. PFK RSS Feed: New species of bumblebee catfish described
  196. Crying fish
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  199. PFK RSS Feed: Also on sale: L-number catfish
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  201. Zebra ID.
  202. PFK RSS Feed: There are many more Corydoras out there...
  203. Corydoras similis
  204. L236 from different LFS(s)
  205. Shocking?! Yes, but as always the truth sometimes hurt... (Hypancistrus sp. L236)
  206. L181 spawn!
  207. l134 breeding cave size?
  208. pleco id
  209. My first two plecos ;)
  210. Need to ID Pleco
  211. Tigrinus
  212. Corydoras eques
  213. Need help with ID
  214. My new Giant $280 Pleco
  215. finding Corydoras hastatus!
  216. anyone keeping L255 successfully ? ( Spotted Medusa Pleco)
  217. Need help to ID pleco
  218. Experience with Amazonia and Corys?
  219. Size to be able to sex L046 Hypancistrus zebra
  220. buying cory in bulk
  221. Red tail catfish
  222. Spotted Pleco
  223. Major mayday for red tail catfish!
  224. Adolfoi or Dupli?
  225. Pleco Books?
  226. Spawn trigger?
  227. The Lost Princess?
  228. Xanto Pleco... Parancistrus aurantiacus
  229. Corydoras in Hong Kong..!
  230. L46 gender help
  231. Zebra otocinclus
  232. My Corydoras Tank
  233. Hypan L028
  234. Need help ID-ing a contaminant
  235. Help ID Pleco.
  236. Help me ID My Fish..
  237. Rtc
  238. Little Aeroplance - ID?
  239. ---Please help to ID these Corydoras --
  240. Water current too strong?
  241. The Hastatus Century Club
  242. Need help in L46 gender
  243. Cory laid eggs , Seeking advise.
  244. Spawnings today
  245. My Cardinal Tetras are disappearing .. My Catfish responsible for it?
  246. CNY Happiness!!
  247. Glass cat behavior
  248. l201 spawns
  249. whiptail catfish in a planetd / shrimp tank?
  250. Red tail catfish