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  1. Pictures of Crystal Shrimp Breeding Farm
  2. Advice on water change
  3. Troubled Tank
  4. Is my sakura shrimp carrying eggs?
  5. Vitamin addition good for Shrimp tank?
  6. My Experimental Nano Shrimp Tank
  7. My cherries nano tank
  8. All white CRS baby
  9. Mountain shrimp
  10. Are ghost shrimps the same as glass shrimps?
  11. Sulawesi Shrimps and other fancy Indonesian shrimps
  12. How long do cherry shrimp eggs take to hatch?
  13. Top up water/WC method for your precious CRS tank
  14. Golden gene in Crystal Red Shrimp
  15. My SSS flowerhead shrimp
  16. Possible to save the eggs of a dead pregnant shrimp?
  17. Please Grade My New Juvenile CRS
  18. PFK Articles: Keeping fan shrimps
  19. Yamato shrimp turn slightly reddish
  20. New products for Crystal Red Shrimps spotted
  21. Orange eyes blue tiger shrimp
  22. Orange Dwarf Crayfish
  23. Blue Mini Crayfish from Germany
  24. Hayashi red bee shrimp food
  25. Chiller or fan for Crystal Red Shrimp setup?
  26. Dull coloration on my Crystal Red Shrimp
  27. Question on Shrimp Tank
  28. What do I feed fairy shrimps?
  29. Shrimps wiped out after DIY CO2 leak
  30. Type /brand Of Shrimp Food Used
  31. Yamato shrimp kill and eat live fish?
  32. Help for 15x10 cm shrimp tank
  33. Tankmates for my CRS tank
  34. Snail Leech (Glossiphonia sp.)
  35. Keeping shrimp and crayfish together
  36. My Crystal Red Shrimp Tank
  37. mars_see's CRS tank
  38. Why aren't my CRS breeding?
  39. Taz1's CRS tank
  40. Sponge filter for shrimp tank
  41. Beginner questions about shrimp tank
  42. Need help to grade CRS
  43. Pregnant Yamato?
  44. Which type of GEX substrate for planted shrimp tank?
  45. Cherry shrimps killing each other?
  46. How to Grade CRS?
  47. Neocaridina sp. "golded black line" shrimp
  48. Juvenile CRS at C328
  49. Help! My shrimps are not taking food!
  50. New 2ft CRS Tank
  51. CRS features guide
  52. Sharing my Crystal Red Shrimps...
  53. Lack of O2 in tank at night - Shrimps died!
  54. Need help on rainbar's position
  55. Help! CRS shrimplets go missing...
  56. Neocaridina sp. Green shrimp
  57. Neocaridina sp. gold lined Green shrimp
  58. Neocaridina cherry shrimp
  59. Neocaridina sp. orange shrimp
  60. Neocaridina sp. fire red shrimp
  61. Neocaridina sp. "red tiger blue"
  62. Changing new substrate in existing shrimp tank
  63. ID: Is this worm a leech?
  64. Sulawesi Shrimp Survival Rate after 2 weeks
  65. How many shrimps to keep in a 2 ft tank (using Eden 501)?
  66. What is the cause of missing shrimps?
  67. Dosing Lushgrow into tank with Yamatos
  68. ID: Is this a Sulawesi shrimp?
  69. Cpark's 3 ft Crystal Red Shrimp tank
  70. Juvenile SSS Mosura
  71. Sakura-sssss!!!
  72. Suitability of ph 7 (using Gex soil) for CRS tank
  73. Rock shrimp = Mountain shrimp?
  74. Neocaridina sp. "glass"
  75. New Shrimps??
  76. Weird oddball at Go Nature (Yishun)
  77. Sulawesi shrimp: Macrobrachium sp. "towuti beauty"
  78. Safe to keep neon tetras with shrimps?
  79. Johnson's Freshwater Crab - Irmengardia johnsoni
  80. What is the prettiest freshwater snail??
  81. Crayon's 1.5ft shrimp tank
  82. New 1 ft tank for shrimps
  83. Please help to grade these CRS
  84. Please help to ID this shrimp
  85. Cherry Shrimps
  86. Shrimps keep dying.. why?
  87. New shrimp
  88. Blue Apple snail
  89. US fissiden instead of moss in CRS tank
  90. My new bee shrimps
  91. Food for baby ghost shrimp
  92. Jeff's Sulawesi Shrimps Tank (162L)
  93. Bioload of a 10 gallon shrimp tank
  94. Keeping Otocinclus with shrimp?
  95. Top up only or Water Change???
  96. CRS reject most shrimp food...
  97. Dancing shrimp
  98. Red zebra shrimp
  99. Neocaridina sp. "red tail"
  100. Neocaridina sp.
  101. Horn apple snail
  102. Recommendation of dwarf shrimp as cleaning crew
  103. PFK Fishnews: Popular Bee shrimps get scientific names
  104. Has anyone kept Aegla spp. before?
  105. Any tips on breeding Crystal Red Shrimp?
  106. Cross breeding between Crystal Red and Golden Shrimp
  107. Black and White Shrimps
  108. Are the clear/transparent shrimp suitable for aquascapes?
  109. CO2, Chiller and CRS
  110. Caridina ensifera 'blue' from Lake Poso, Sulawesi
  111. It's feeding time!
  112. Blue and white shrimp at Pasir Ris Tropical fish farm
  113. ID: What shrimp? - Caridina sp. from Sulawesi
  114. Is the Undergravel Filter for CRS better?
  115. Added 2 New Sulawesi Shrimps
  116. Missing CRS babies
  117. Six Banded Shrimp (Caridina sp. from Sulawesi)
  118. Dying Snails
  119. Freshwater fairy shrimp
  120. Anentome helena: killer snail
  121. My Crystal Black Shrimp has eggs!!!
  122. Uninvited guests
  123. My first eggs of Caridina cf. spongicola
  124. My new 2ft shrimp tank
  125. Snails from Sulawesi
  126. Augustine's 2 feet Sulawesi shrimp tank
  127. "Black" Cherry Shrimp???
  128. Solid-coloured Shrimps
  129. Need help, baby CRS dying...
  130. Bogwood for a shrimp tank
  131. Shrimplets playground
  132. Utricularia graminifolia in a shrimp tank
  133. Mystery death of my shrimps
  134. Yellow CRS
  135. Preventing shrimps from being sucked into filter inlet
  136. Any difference in requirement between tiger and CRS shrimplets?
  137. 35 cm cube CRS hi-tech tank (bandwidth warning)
  138. Can I keep CPD (Galaxy Rasbora) with dwarf shrimps?
  139. How do you do water changes in CRS tanks?
  140. What do you feed on your Sulawesi Shrimps?
  141. Survival rate of low grade Crystal Red Shrimplets
  142. Bamboo Fan Shrimp "gold" (Atyopsis spinipes)
  143. Caridina serratirostris
  144. Caridina sp. "Red / White spotted"
  145. CRS lying on its side
  146. Feeding egg yolk to dwarf shrimps
  147. Tiger shrimp losing their stripes
  148. Will cherry shrimps cross breed with green or orange shrimps?
  149. Anything wrong with my CRS tank setup?
  150. What is the size of newborn Crystal Red shrimplets?
  151. Sulawesi shrimps' color fading off
  152. Adult yamato shrimp dying after a few days!?
  153. Newly acquired Crystal Red Shrimps
  154. Can I mix Tiger shrimps with CRS?
  155. Question about stocking of dwarf shrimps
  156. Good white good red
  157. Yellow shrimp
  158. Caridina sp. "red stripe with white spots"
  159. Advisable to turn on CO2 injection 24 hours a day for a shrimp tank?
  160. Newbie to CRS keeping
  161. Taiwan shrimps
  162. CRS dying...most likely due to hot weather
  163. What to feed to Malayan shrimplet?
  164. Artificial substrate for shrimps?
  165. Discovered strange green nymph in my tank. What is it?
  166. Hi everybody! What is this shrimp?
  167. Are pygmy Corydoras compatible with CRS?
  168. Newbie question on CRS
  169. Blue ramshorn snail
  170. Would Yamato shrimps prey on CRS?
  171. Please grade my CRS
  172. Tiger shrimp x CRS hybrid
  173. Please help to grade my new CRS baby
  174. What's a good snail to help out with green spot algae?
  175. Any reasons why my cherry shrimps never breed?
  176. Bee Shrimp has a Latin name
  177. Breeding Amano shrimp
  178. Ketapang leaf for CRS
  179. Pregnant CRS Died
  180. Why is there not much interest on Malayan Shrimp?
  181. Conditions for keeping shrimps
  182. Easiest Sulawesi shrimp?
  183. CRS behaviour
  184. Rate of CRS growth
  185. texaskido's high grade CRS tank
  186. Best way to transport 300 cherry shrimps
  187. Simple cherry tank
  188. Fish food for CRS
  189. Juvenile SSS Mosura (2) + Some CRS collection
  190. Cherry shrimps gave birth!
  191. Sulawesi shrimps, how much are you paying?
  192. Introducing Black Tiger Shrimps
  193. orange shrimp breeding
  194. How to maintain the vibrant colours of CRS?
  195. ID: What is this shrimp?
  196. dwgi32's Sakura shrimps
  197. How to speed up breeding?
  198. Anentome helena
  199. Breeding orange shrimps
  200. water temperature for Shrimp
  201. Tips on keeping Sulawesi shrimp
  202. Help needed to grade CRS
  203. Yamato shrimp climbing out of water?
  204. Please help me decide.....
  205. Why does the CRS curl up?
  206. ID: Can you identify this shrimp?
  207. Can cherry shrimp survive out of water?
  208. windcharm's CRS tank
  209. Fish and shrimp compatibility
  210. Are Malayan shrimps nocturnal?
  211. ID: What snail is this?
  212. Golden eye dark blue tiger shrimp
  213. Help - Water cloudy after sponge dropped in tank
  214. Cherry shrimp lovers, please enjoy...
  215. Crayfish: Cambarellus diminutus
  216. Snail: Pila ampullacea (White Apple Snail)
  217. Ruby Nerite Snail not coming out of its shell
  218. CRS put their heads up the water
  219. Feeding bloodworm in cherry shrimp tank...
  220. Advice needed: Dying shrimplet
  221. Do red ramshorn snails eat moss?
  222. Sulawesi snails
  223. Adding snail before cycling?
  224. Looking for invertebrates as tankmates!
  225. Ideal temperature for CRS?
  226. Big Golden barbs a danger to cherry shrimps
  227. Potassium and Yamato Shrimps
  228. CRS macro shots
  229. Advice needed for cherry shrimps
  230. Care of Hermit crabs
  231. Snail: Green hairy snail
  232. Horny CRS behaviour
  233. Snails in cherry shrimp tank
  234. Trapdoor Snails
  235. Keeping pygmy cories with CRS
  236. How big can a red claw crayfish / blue lobster grows?
  237. Catching snails with Kiwi fruit
  238. Malayan and Cherry shrimps dying, but CRS and Tiger shrimps are fine!
  239. Sulawesi shrimps gave birth!
  240. Why are all my invertebrate dying?
  241. 2 CRS mama give birth on 08/08/08 & 09/08/08
  242. texaskido's high grade CRS
  243. Need help with Asolene spixi eggs
  244. Sakura shrimp eating CRS alive
  245. Need help on the grade of this baby CRS
  246. Yamato shrimp change colour
  247. Shrimps identification
  248. Does Yamato shrimp eat small plants?
  249. Are Yamato/Amano shrimps cannibalistic?
  250. Apple Snail