We invite aquarists from all over the world to take part in the third JBL Tropical Biotope Contest 2013!

Now you have a great opportunity to show your skills in designing biotope aquariums and to win great prizes from JBL.

On our website you can easily find the results of the Contests 2011 and 2012.

To participate in the Contest you should fill in an application form to October 10, 2013, where you should enter your personal information and information about your aquarium, as well as upload 4 photos of your aquarium. Please read the Contest rules!

From October 10 to October 20 members of jury and Internet users will vote. According to the results of voting, October 21 finalists of JBL Tropical Biotope Contest 2013 will be chosen. The final will be held in St. Petersburg, ZooSphere exhibition November 20-23, 2013.

Finalists from other countries and cities will be partially or completely paid travel expenses to St. Petersburg and back, as well as accommodation.

Members of jury: Heiko Blessin, Chris Lukhaup, Ivan Mikolji, George Fear, Piotr Kierzkovski, Sergey Kochetov, Elena Mazurek, Alexey Malyshev.

The prize pool is 2,300 EUR!