SHUTTER SPEED: 1/250s | APERTURE: f/8 | ISO: 100

adobe rgb, forgot to adjust saturation cos lost all my actions from reinstall/new pc

borrowed a strobe from

This was a single strobe positioned on top of the tank at an angle.

I didn't use any paper to diffuse the strobe light because the strobe was too weak cos it was 2 ft from the tank surface.

I noticed that the 550EX flash cannot trigger the auto thrystor of this strobe after bouncing off the ceiling at 1/250 so I had no choice but connect the strobe directly and shoot.

maybe 3 strobes would be better but they DO TAKE UP LOTS OF SPACE.

so if got money, maybe 1 x550ex + 4x420EX, maybe a better PORTABLE choice.

but strobes are nice, no flash recharge time..