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Thread: Question about enhancing the colors of Lemon Tetras and their origins......

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    Question about enhancing the colors of Lemon Tetras and their origins......

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    Hi,I just gotten 42 Lemon Tetras from a LFS in Marsiling called Green Emerald which is a new discovery of a LFS for me 6 weeks ago.The shop guy told me the lemons were sold at 3 pieces for 1 dollar and from South America.I am also unsure of their origin but as long as their livestock are healthy,who cares?

    Update this shop in the shop directory pls if you want.....But I think this shop is fine and their staff are helpful.Will recommend this shop to those who are staying in Woodlands and unable to go to Polyart Yishun or 618 often as I believe this is the one of the few LFS in Woodlands area.

    I had only 2 deaths of the lemons ever since and the remaining 40 are living side by side with my 20-30 odd glowlight tetras,platies and corys in my 90x45x45 heavily artificial planted tank with driftwood.Have been feeding them live brine shrimp 3 times a week in a bid to boost the colors of the Lemons, glowlights and also to help the livebearers preggies in some ways. They are also taking spirulina crisps from Tetra in the morning and veg flakes from Tropical in the evening.PH of my water is around 7.6.Life support system is Eheim Professionel III 600(2075).

    May I ask by consuming the live brine shrimp,will my livestock's colors be greatly enhanced and how will consuming the brine shrimps help my platies?I have 3 male platies to 35 female platies.

    I am also currently doing some platy breeding in a 25 liter tank with a sponge filter.May I ask how long will it take for me to get the 15 pieces of fries in the tank to grow into a acceptable size so that I can put them back into my main community tank?Is there any food for them to accelerate their growth?I am now feeding the fries with Hikari First Bites and Ocean Free Superbaby.
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