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Thread: Reponses from SG government agencies viz Importing of dewormer from amazon.

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    Reponses from SG government agencies viz Importing of dewormer from amazon.

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    -----My Question to Govt Agencies----

    Will I have a problem importing 1 set of dog dewormer containing fenbendazole into singapore? ie: will it be confiscated by customs?

    (links to amazon viz fenbendazole/levamisole removed for brevity)

    I'm a hobbyist and I'm planning to use it to treat ornamental dwarf shrimp for scutariella japonica infestation.
    also what about products that contain levamisole hci ?
    I'm just generally having a hard time finding it locally and unmixed with other substances and would just like to order it online.

    ------------From HSA-----------
    Dear Mr x,

    We refer to your email sent on 25 July 2015 on import of fenbendazole and levamisole for use on your ornamental shrimp.

    HSA has no objection to the import of 1 set of fenbendazole for use on your shrimp, if it is clearly labelled that the product is for veterinary use only, however, levamisole is classified as a prescription substance in Singapore. You are advised to seek a vet's opinion and advice on its use and obtain it from a vet if needed.

    Elaine Ser
    Health Products Regulation Group
    Health Sciences Authority

    ---From AVA----------

    We would like to inform that AVA currently does not regulate the registration or import/export/sale of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Only veterinary vaccines and veterinary diagnostic reagents are managed and regulated by AVA. Please consult the HSA ([email protected]) on requirements they may have for the product intended for import. Drugs are regulated under HSA’s Poisons Act and Medicines Act.

    The Singapore Customs may also be contacted at Tel: 63552000 or E-mail: [email protected] for advice on the import requirements and clearance procedure.

    We hope the above information clarifies, thank you.

    Warmest regards,

    Noraini Abu Bakar | Senior Technical Officer, Animal & Plant Section| Import & Export Regulation Department| Quarantine & Inspection Group | Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
    Tel 6805 2838|Website

    -------------------From Customs---------------

    We refer to your email dated 29 Jul 2015.

    2 We note that you will be importing 1 set of dog dewormer via courier service.

    3 In general, all goods imported into Singapore are subjected to Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied at 7% of the goods’ CIF value (Cost, Insurance and Freight) inclusive of all other charges, costs and expenses incidental to the sale and delivery of the goods into Singapore. More information on valuation, duties and GST can be found here.

    4 GST relief is granted on goods (excluding dutiable goods such as intoxicating liquors and tobacco products) imported by air freight with a total CIF value not exceeding SGD 400.00. Where the value exceeds SGD 400.00, the entire sum would be subjected to GST.

    6 We wish to also inform you that certain items require proper authorisation from the Competent Authorities (CAs) before they may be allowed to be imported into, or transhipped via, or exported from Singapore. Hence, in order to determine if your item is controlled, a search can be conducted using the description of the product, HS code or CA product using the HS/CA Product Code search engine at the TradeXchange® website. If the HS code is subject to control, the name of the CA will be indicated next to the HS code. You can then check directly with the respective CA on their licence requirements.

    7 For information on other customs matters, please visit Singapore Customs and TradeXchange® websites. To learn more about Customs procedures, you may access our e-learning courseware at our website. Alternatively, you may contact our Call Centre at +65 6355 2000 or email us at [email protected].

    Thank you.

    Sinn Sze Kiat | Trade Officer | Procedures & Systems Branch | Singapore Customs

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    Re: Reponses from SG government agencies viz Importing of dewormer from amazon.

    As far as I know, it's according to their regulations.
    You could also try export training in case you need more information.


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