Just got poisoned by apistos and picked up 3 macmasteri this past weekend. Based on my research, though 1 is significantly bulkier than the other 2, making it the male, but the 2 smaller ones do have a fair share of redness on them, which makes me believe they should also be males? The 3 are about 5 months old.
Will try to post picts tomorrow.
Another thing is, out of the 3, one is showing normal coloration, the bigger one is very dark, and the third is semi dark. Is this normal? They are in a tank on their own, so there shouldnt be any disturbances.
Also, they tend to just hang around near the bottom or perch on the driftwood. Is this normal behavior?
Lastly, I would be looking to get more of them, so are there any bros here who breed them?

Sorry, so many questions... Hahaha

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