JBL PlanktonPur M
Natural food from arctic waters for fish sized 4-14 cm.
100% fresh and pure plankton (crustaceans and molluscs 2 mm in size) without preservation agents.
Ready to use, fresh and in portions , a 2 g stick contains food for fresh and saltwater fish in aquariums up to 200 l (5 g stick for > 200 l).
High nutritional value (30 mg/g omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) and optimal colouring thanks to 20 µg/g natural astaxanthin.
High in nutrition (30 mg/g omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) and optimal color development caused by 20 mg/kg of natural astaxanthin.
JBL PlanktonPur® – a pure natural product from clean Arctic waters. Zooplankton is the primary source of food for many species of freshwater and seawater fish. Over generations these fish species have adapted to this nutrition. The zooplankton (animal-based plankton) for JBL PlanktonPur® is sourced by a special fishing method in the cold, unpolluted Arctic waters of Norway.
You will find more information on the JBL PlanktonPur® landing page: http://microsites.jbl.de/PlanktonPur/

What does “S” and “M” on PlanktonPur refer to?
S and M refer to the size of the food contained. No distinction is intended between the freshwater and saltwater range. Both products are optimally suited for both freshwater and saltwater.

Can I feed a single stick over several days?
1 stick = 1 meal for your fish.
We have optimally adjusted the food quantity in the sticks to the daily portion of the appropriate and stated tank size.

Do I have to store PlanktonPur in a cool place?
No, due to the special manufacturing method and the single wrapping of the sticks it is possible to store PlanktonPure without any loss in quality at room temperature.