We are excited to annouce the arrvial of JBL Proscan in our store.

JBL Proscan is a new revolution to water testing for freshwater aquarium.
Simple and easy. just with 3 step and 60 second, you can already get 6 accurate parameter element of your aquarium. Proscan application also allow you to record all your previous reading as for your reference.
pH,GH,KH,NO2,NO3,Chlorine and CO2

Step 1 : Download Application
Step 2 : Dip test stripes in water
Step 3 : Wait for 60 second and scan it with the application and you will have the result right away.

easy and convinent.

We have tried it and we were amazed!!

no more time wasted doing all the testing. if you test your aquarium water. Try Proscan!!

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