JBL Food Range : for Baby fishes and fish fry

JBL NobilFluid Artemia
Liquid breeding diet containing brine shrimp and vitamins

  • For fry of egg-laying fish, which are too small for powder food. Contains brine shrimp to facilitate growth.
  • Ultra-fine homogenate of over 50 raw ingredients.
  • With a special multivitamin complex and stabilised vitamin C.


JBL NovoTom Artemia
Powder food for young fish, containing artemia (brine shrimp)

  • Food size optimally suited for newborn fry of livebearing fish. Nutritionally balanced to promote healthy growth.
  • Special finely-ground ingredients.
  • With brine shrimp ingredients for better growth and more beautiful colours.
  • With natural Vitamin E as antioxidant.
  • Unlike with livebearers (such as guppies and platies) this food size is only suitable for egg laying fish of 5-10 mm length or more. Younger fish need first JBL NobilFluid Artemia or infusoria and later live artemia.


JBL ArtemioMix
Artemia ready-mix (eggs/salt)

  • A ready mix comprised of brine shrimp eggs with salt and micro-algae to feed your crustaceans.
  • Simply add 3 measuring spoonfuls (included) to 0,5 l mains water. Salt contains a buffer system for an optimum pH level of the water. The brine shrimp hatch after 24–36 hours.
  • 230 g ready mix for 14 applications of 0,5 l each.


JBL NovoBaby (Coming Soon)
Breeding-diet set for young fish

  • 3 Food tins containing various grades of diet in a set.
  • 3 foodsizes:
  • 1. Newborns up to 15 mm
  • 2. approx. 15-30 mm
  • 3. from about ca. 30 mm