Started my interest in Aquatic Planting since 2016. I continued my passion in 'Iwagumi' after doing readings and research about it.

Reading the posts posted in this forum helped to gain more understanding on Planted Tanks which will definitely assist me in my 'Iwagumi' set up.

Just like eveybody else here, I will be sharing about my 'Iwagumi' Set Up. I will be happy to here your advices and sharing.

1) ANS Crystal Tank - 60x30x36cm
2) Chihiros LED Lighting - E601S
3) ADA Aqua Soil - 9 Litre
4) ADA Power Sand Special - Size S
5) Plant: 1-2 Grow! Eleocharis 'Mini'

Currently going with DSM. Planning to continue with DSM for 6 weeks.

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