I am a student at the University of Florida studying Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and I recently got obsessed with the aquarium hobby! I've always loved fishing, specifically saltwater fly fishing, but when I re-visited my childhood aquarium hobby 5 months ago I think that it really connected with me.

In the past 5 months I have set up really whatever I could afford on a college budget:
- 20gal with 2 peninsula newts, 4 cherry barbs, 2 peacock gudgeons, an albino cory, and an amano shrimp, heavily planted
-20 gal that I set up and let my 5 roommates pick out fish to try to get them interested and involved in the hobby:
- 1 peninsula newt, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 albino zebra danio, 1 LF serpae tetra, 1 white skirt tetra, 1 otto cat, 1 sterbai cory, 1 paleatus cory, decently planted

- and my favorite, a 10 gal with 2 blue gularis killies

I joined this forum because I actually have some questions about my killies, and I'll look for a forum to ask those in but I'll also ask here:
- will blue gularis really get ~5in.? If so should I be thinking about a larger tank soon? (they are in a 10gal, about 2 or 2.5inches right now)
- I want to add a corydoras and a couple shrimp to the 10gal with my killies, is that a good idea?
- my LFS told me ~80F and acidic water, is this right?

Thank you all, this seems to be a great community of aquarists!