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Thread: Timeout too fast.

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    Timeout too fast.

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    It's been a while this is happening. After I type a post, I can't submit because I was timed-out. A refresh of the page to re-login will always cause my throughly thought post to be lost. Now, I have to inconveniently, copy my post, refresh page to login, find again the particular post to reply, paste my post & submit.

    Sometimes post or reply are short and brief. Some others requires cross referencing with other sites for facts. It may take 10 mins before finally pressing the submit button. Can the admin do something about this, maybe 30 min of inactivity to auto time out users?

    Very not fun to post here because of this. I have to save this "long" post to ensure it is not lost in case I'm "timed out".

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    Re: Timeout too fast.

    Thanks for the feedback. It was at 15mins. I've increased it to 30 mins.

    Here's some tips I use for some websites. Shoukd work for AQ.
    - Use Chrome. It usually remembers what you typed in the previous page.
    - If you get a time out, click browser Back button to get to previous page. Open a new tab to the website and login. Then go to original tab and submit.
    - Or just open the website in a new tab and login if necessary, before you submit your post.

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