Hello!! thank you for letting me join this group! I have loved fish all my life, have owned a pet store and currently take car of 5 40-45 bow front aquarium,s (and 3 cockatiels!) at a veterans home! While I know quite a bit, I need to learn MORE!!!

I recently bought several fish for my "gigantic" 10 gal. tank at home. It had been set up for a long time, with filtration, etc. there had been plants put in, that I thought might grow, but they didn't. I scooped out all that stuff and added the fish - 2 fancy mollies, two angels, and a cool Chinese algae eater. I was worried about the female molly as the person at walmart tried to pop her out of the net, while keeping one fish to put back in their tank. Well, the poor thing fell to the floor. I said I didn't want her, but she put her in the anyway and I kept her. She is shimmying and sitting towards the bottom.

Then a couple days ago one of the angels started clamping it's fins and looking a bit off. This morning he was on the bottom and I have been afraid to look, since I got home!

Reading about fish that shimmy, it said that can be cured with Quick Cure (Mardel?), but in looking at the pkg on line, it was for ich and other parasites, so I am dubious about this! Does anyone have experience with that med, OR what have you done for the shimmying? I hate to lose the fem. molly. And the angel I am stumped on! I did add some salt to the tank and some Melafix, and have done a couple water changes, because i got too much salt in, by accident.

My other question is about the Chinese algae eater and synodontis catfish! Can they tolerate aquarium salt, or is that a no, no? The catfish (in one of the tanks at the vets home) have developed fungus (cotton patches, but not on the mouth), with no other fish being affected (silver dollars and a couple angels). I did a water change a couple days ago, which had been preceded probably about 3 wks. ago. And is Melafix OK with them? I used it earlier, and they didn't die, so I suppose it's OK, but I thought I better ask!!

Right now, my tank is the one I am most concerned about, so if anyone can help, that would be great!! Thank you!