Hello everyone! My name is Billy Kueek, in my 50s and a person of many hobbies - from fighting in my early days to now boating and fishing, racing and now, aquariums.

Made the big mistake of buying a brand new tank and fishes before starting to read up online about aquariums. So, I realized I did so many things wrong with my first Classica XL390, 10 gallons 40 litre tank in January, particularly not cycling the new tank and overstocking. Just got a second bigger tank for the overstocked fishes 62x36.5x56cm, approximately 33 gallons or 126 litre, and still getting things wrong when started. Will talk more in the respective threads or posts to seek all your expertise and help as I go along.

I am looking forward to learn from all of you and to share the hobby, please help me learn and i am hopeful I'll become better at it.