Aquarium, an old hobby that I drop since I left uni.

Recently brought a small tank for shrimp for my kids, a small pico sand base tank with some moss/anubis/ferns. Slowly as it goes, my interest in setting up a bigger tank start to grow.

Thus I stumble across this forum and start to readup the wealth of information forumers had left behind years back.

After much reading I've decided I would want to setup a 3ft planted tank at home, however the more I dig into the more daunting it seems, overwhelm. Compare to the olden days I use to have a sand base 4ft tank, no plants and gold fish only.

As exhilarating as it seems, I've decided to go ahead. Drafted down a list of items to purchase, got some used, got some new, tank had not been deliver yet. Hopefully everything goes as plan.

I'll be starting up with Dry Start HC + Staurogyne Repens, some moss on wood. Hadnít decided what else to plant yet, but heck, will probably have 6 weeks to decide anyway. :P