Hi everyone! I'm thinking about getting a scarlet badis and want to hear about your experiences with this fish.
1)I heard that they are pretty timid and are picky eaters. To what extent is this true?
2)Any ideas on how I can keep the stress down for him besides having a heavily planted tank?
3)Do they eventually warm up to people a little and be less scared?
4)How do you feed yours?
5) How do you do your water changes? For my bettas they're pretty comfortable with me doing their water changes, will just come and swim around the siphon or try to jump at my hand to the point where I have to really work to try to avoid them. I'm guessing a scarlet badis will be a bit more scaredy so I'll have to try to avoid putting the end of the siphon to close to him or moving things around too much?
Sorry for all the questions, just wanna make sure I can provide a good home for the little guy. Any more advice will be appreciated!!