I would like to share the benefits of Malayan Trumpet Snails.

While we deploy many methods to maintain our planted tanks, not a lot is discussed about using the Malayan Trumpet Snails as a cleaning crew. Their usage are usually overlooked.
While we use otos, common plecos, sae, yamato, black molly, guppies and snails to nip at specific algae types in general their poop will accumulate through time.
That's why we require to frequently mechanically remove mulm by siphoning out on the soil surface or moss to prevent an outbreak of algae like BGA.
Nerite snails does help a little but they are the pretty boys and bought as much as for their looks.
Then there are those pest snails, which just require a single one to explode it's population. They do help remove some detritus but makes the tank look ugly as they are always roaming our tank glass.

Then there is the Malayan Trumpet Snail or MTS. I happened to introduce them when I started aquascaping more than 15years ago. Happened to introduce them when I bought plants from the defunct Teo Aquatic farm.
Thought they were pests but since they are nocturnal and live burrowed under the soil I guess to leave them alone. I never had a BGA outbreak from that tank.
Fast forward, after giving up and restarting the hobby, I had many algae issues, mostly user error but for a while, BGA outbreak was a constant headache.
After much thought, 1 missing crew I realised was I had no MTS. The benefit of having MTS is other than clearing leftover foods, they help to toil the soil and also their waste are accessible to plant root system. Plus they are nocturnal, so they are unsightly out to feed during lights out. And it just take a couple of them to populate the tank.

I search high and low for them and managed to find them through carousell (of all places).

I now only occassionally do detritus removal, more as and after thought now than a maintenance regime.

My 2cents about MTS.