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Thread: Betta Fin Damage

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    Betta Fin Damage

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    Hi all,

    Stupid and stubborn me had a 5 gallon tank all along and recently bought a Male Betta which colours and fins I absolutely loved. Then crazy me thought it would be a lovely idea to house him in a 75 gallon tank along with 10 others female bettas to provide him with his own paradise harem.

    I was under the impression if I plant heavily, all bettas would be safe and have their own hiding space.

    It was fine for the first week, zero fatalities (It is still zero fatality now) ......2 days ago, I bought 4 more female bettas and yesterday night, I come back home to find my male betta's fin in tatters.

    I loved this male betta and yes, on hindsight, housing him with female bettas was not a good idea but I had good intents for him.....

    1st & 2nd pics are pictures of him when I first got him

    The rest of the pics are his current condition now.

    Last pic is my tank setup, all water levels good and CO2 is good and etc

    I have removed all female bett fish and housed them seperately. He is alone now only with corys.

    Can folks here confirm this is not fin rot or fungus? I dont think it is......i believe he is being bitten by the female bettas thus resulting in his current tail's condition in tatters.

    Lastly, how should I treat him now? If it is fin rot, i obviously need to re-house him in a quarantine tank (but I rather not re-house him). If it is confirmed his tail was a result of being bitten by other female bettas who are now removed from my main tank, what should I do to my main tank to help his fin heal and regrow?

    Thanks in advance for all advice and comments
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