My name is Maggie and I'm trying my very best to change my serial killer status. I have a few tanks - two with fish and three with plants (and no fish) and I'm keeping them (fish and plants) separate for now because I keep killing things. Eventually I'd like to bring them together but won't do that until I've learned how to balance the needs of both with my desire to have an aesthetically pleasing aquascape.

I'm also mad about plants in general and have about 100 indoor house plants and 200 potted outdoor plants.

Other stuff about me:
- I DIY just about everything which is why, if I was a superhero, I'd be called Duct-tape Girl.
- I have an intense dislike for and mistrust of big corporations who are out to make a buck off of consumers lack of knowledge.
- I'm rubbish at small talk.
- I have 10 cats even though I'm a dog person.