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Thread: Details of Plants and Substrates used in this video

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    Details of Plants and Substrates used in this video

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    I have recently seen an aquascaping video which really inspired me and you can watch it here:

    However, the video is in Korean and I have some questions, appreciate if you can help me understand

    However without the English I would appreciate if someone can give me answers to
    1. @1:35 - is he closing the gaps using cotton?
    2. @3:05 - What type of gravel is this?
    3. @3:20 - what powdered gravel is he using?
    4. @3:42 - what is the liquid he is adding into the gravel? is it some liquid fertilizer?
    5. @4:22 - what type of soil is he using?
    6. @4:56 - what liquid is he using? is it tank startup for recycling?
    7. Appreciate if someone can tell me the names of the plants he has used.
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