hi all,

I would like to suggest all of you to isolate your new plants bought from fish farms to first isolate your new plant in a different tank with a different source of water for a few weeks before introducing it to the main tank.
this is because such plants normally are bred in ponds infested with snails or hair algae.
both of which is a nightmare for all aqua scapes!
hair algae is extremely resilient and difficult to remove.
the pesky snails are even worst. they compete and over run the entire fish tank after a while.
thus it is best if you can isolate the new bought plant in a different tank with different source of water to see what monsters grow within.

if it is hair algae, you can kill it by introducing hydrogen peroxide or chlorine.
It dies when it becomes pink in color.
I prefer chlorine since I can remove it with de-chlorinating solution.
it is best if you also just chlorine the entire tank used in isolating too.
Hair algae is really a nightmare. so it is best if it is thoroughly removed before introducing it to the main tank.

As for the pesky snails. just wash them away after you see small snails emerging out of no where. be sure that you remove all their eggs and continue to isolate for awhile until you are sure it is clean.

hope all of you have a good aqua scaping experience!