Hello killie friends,

I've been spawning my killies and have eggs to spare of the following species:

Fundulosoma thierryi Accra Plain GH 94-1
Nothobranchius annectens TTKSN 2017-14
Nothobranchius rachovii Beira 98
Nematolebias papilliferus Inoa BR-2013

Only one set of each. I don't plan to count eggs - it'll just be a couple handfuls of the peat I collected, which is full of eggs.

I hope to swap for killie eggs, killifish, or other nano-sized wild-type species (dwarf cichlids, bettas, livebearers, blue-eyes, what-have-you - don't be shy, feel free to offer, I love ugly fish). Alternatively, cross my palms with two red notes for each set of eggs you fancy and we have a deal.

If you don't want any eggs and just want to talk killies, let's chat too.

Oh, and I have some young adult Hypsolebias flammeus Nova Roma around too. Talk to me if you're keen on them.