Hi Aquarium gurus, noob here! So I have a 3-week old 20-gallon tank with hairgrass and monte carlo freshly planted on Fluval stratum. I noticed that there have been some brown hair algae accumulated between the plants, and glass is spotted with green algae. I am injecting CO2 non-stop and light the tank for 8 hours per day. I have a couple of ideas in mind but have concerns against each of them:

Use Flourish Excel. I heard it's algae killer but it might harm my marimo balls.

Deploy cherry shrimps or Amano shrimps. The water is actually very clear at this point and has zero ammonia, so I assume the shrimp has a fair chance to survive, but I am afraid the shrimps will uproot my small carpet plants.

Deploy nerite snails. Seems a safe choice to me but from what I heard they don't eat hair algae?

Blackout. I am afraid the plants will die and rot from lack of light, causing more algae to spawn.
I am at my wit's end. What can I do to get rid of the algae? Should I try in the first place. If I just let the algae grow, will they stunt my plants' growth?
A lot of thanks!