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Thread: Brown blotches on RES plastron, is this shell rot?

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    Brown blotches on RES plastron, is this shell rot?

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have just had my terrapin for about a month. It is super active and has great appetite, but there are some brown blotches on it's plastron which I suspect to be shell rot

    I have provided UVB/UVA lighting and a piece of driftwood as a basking spot, but I realised the driftwood soaks up the water causing it to be damp throughout (areas not submerged in water are also damp). There's also filtration and hydrilla to help maintain water quality, and I change the water every 4-7 days.

    Can this be treated at home? If so what should I do? Any help or advice is much appreciated!!
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