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Thread: Wild betta help

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    Wild betta help

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    Hey guys im new to the wild bettas (B. Channoides) and I recently picked 2 pairs, a small group. One pair has successfully bred in the shop and brought the eggs home, it has been a couple days and I have the male in a breeder box. But for some reason after they got home their colors became dull and their fins were almost transparent. I keep them in a 50*28cm tank with 3 big anubias plants, heater at 26-27, two clay caves and lots of almond leaves. Their tanks are full of hiding spots and i regularly feed bbs and frozen blood worms.

    The issue is they aren't coloring up for some reason, which worries me as i want them to be happy and comfortable.

    I am also not sure what to do with the male with a mouthfull of eggs :0. Ive put him in a breeder box and sort of made it dark by covering the top witb a bark colored card.
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