Hi I have 4 feeder goldfish that I want to re-home for free. These fishes are the one that started me in the hobby and have some sentimental value to me. Started in October last year when my housemate's 3 yr old son (my godson) was bought by his grandmother some feeder fish in a 17L tank. They bought 10 feeder platies without any knowledge in fish keeping, one by one the fishes were dying daily. I didn't know about fish keeping then, I then googled how to keep fish. I told them to buy a filter to avoid the fish from dying. However the tank was not cycled and the fishes keep dying until there was only 3 left. They bought again another 10 feeder fish, these time they are goldfishes. Same thing happened and the fish kept dying, so i googled again and found out that the water must be de-chlorinated so the tank could be cycled. By that time I swoop in to take care of the fish coz the parent's don't dare to study fishkeeping and there was only 1 platy and 6 goldfish left (could not bear to see my godson's sad face whenever a fish dies) I bought the de-chlorinator, test kits and do water changes almost daily. Fast-forward to today 4 of the goldfishes are still alive but I decided to give them away due to my 65L tank is now having ammonia spikes even when doing weekly water change. I have other juvenile goldfishes in the tank (ranchu, oranda, ryukin) and decided to keep only these breeds and give away the rescued feeder goldfishes. Any one interested please by me. The sizes are 6-10cm long.