hi all.

i have decided to make the switch from seachem to dry salts, as EI using seachem is too expensive for my wallet.

so, i went ahead to purchase Ca(NO3)2 (to replace KNO3), KH2PO4 and K2SO4. i also bought lushgro aqua micro and a pack of FE. i also DIYed an auto doser with 2 pumps to dose my tanks on a daily basis 1 hour before the lights come on.

i tried mixing Ca(NO3)2, KH2PO4 and K2SO4 together, but it precipitate, turning cloudy with sediments at the bottom. i then tried to mix Ca(NO3) with KH2PO4, which totally dissolved, and K2SO4 with lushgro micro. there was a little sediments at the bottom, but significantly lesser than the previous mixture.

what i would like to find out, is whether by mixing this way, will the chemicals have an unwanted reaction before going into my tank.

also, how much micro and iron do i need to dose to hit EI standards for a 200L tank?