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Thread: AGA Aquascaping Competition 2005

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    AGA Aquascaping Competition 2005

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    The Aquatic Gardeners' Association Aquascaping Competition 2005 is open for entries. This is another major competition in the planted tank hobby. Entry fee is USD$5 and the closing date is 15 Sep 2005. So, it's not expensive and 3.5 months is plenty of time to get your tanks ready. Heck, there's enough time to set up a new tank. Click here to get details from the horse's mouth.

    Also, check out the gallery of past years' competition entries. Singapore had winners and/or entries in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004. Let's get back in there, people!

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    Great...certainly looking forward. I'm new to this,however i think i would like to give it a try. Any experience people taken part before? Any tips to share. btw, I will need to look for a photographer as well...what's the use of having a good aquarium but is not capture well. Any interested photographer able to help me>? When the time come/tank mature, I will need some help to capture those moments.

    Jason Tsee


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