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Thread: Please Read: Guidelines for Vivarium Section

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    Please Read: Guidelines for Vivarium Section

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    The AQ Vivarium section is for forumers to post their set-ups for discussion, comments and criticisms with the ultimate goal in improving our scaping skills. To make this a conducive environment, kindly observer these simple guidelines on posting your comments in this section;

    1. Do not use language with provocative overtones, please observe basic courtesy as you would give to friends and strangers.

    2. Be tactful in your comments and constructive in your criticisms, refrain from posting comments that are offensive or can be an attack on individual character.

    3. Swearing, vulgarities, posts with sms language and spamming will not be tolerated.

    4. Do not libel, defame any product/company/person, all comments and views are your own personal opinion. Requested by law, this forum will produce your details for prosecution should defamed party takes legal action.

    5. Respect the copyright laws, any image, quote posted from other source must be accompanied with credits of the publication/author/url. Images without credit/citation will be deleted.

    6. Moderators reserve the right to shift or delete posts which deem to infringe the above guidelines.

    Happy Scaping!

    Best Regards,
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