Hi Guys

Been busying learning the ropes of doing business on the internet.

The WWW is really too huge to get oneself known and the best way that i have learn is to get your business or website marketed is through a article directory. Its free and easy. All you hv to do is to write a short article of not less than 300 words to tell the world wht you are doing.

Some important pointers.

1) Choose the correct category. Search on the site for ur related product and see where it is listed.

2) Dont forget to put ur URL at the end of the article. Hopefully it can be hyperlinked. Some site might not allow this function. If so, just type http://www.content-city.com which i own after finding there are lots of nice ideas to be shared.

The other popular article directories are:


Hv fun writing and reading.


PS. Moderator might want to consider writing an article for AQ and let the world know more abt planted tank?