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Thread: [Help] Where have the emails from AQ gone?

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    [Help] Where have the emails from AQ gone?

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    AQ will automatically send you emails when:
    • You register a new AQ membership, change your AQ password or email address in your AQ membership. An activation email will be sent in these cases.
    • You subscribe to a forum or a thread and have opted to receive some form of email notification.
    • You have opted to receive email notification when you receive Private Messages on AQ.
    • An AQ member sends an email to you via the AQ email form.
    • AQ administration sends the very rare mass email to all or some members.
    If you do not receive these emails, the emails are probably inside your spam email folder, been re-titled by your email service's spam mail filter or the email scanner on your computer, or you may not have entered your email address correctly.

    Spam Mail Filters
    Some email services, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL, have spam mail filters. What these filters do is scan incoming email for you and store SUSPECTED spam emails into special mailboxes or folders. Different email services have different names for these mailboxes. Yahoo! Mail calls them Bulk, Hotmail calls them Junk E-mail. Unfortunately, the activation email and other emails sent by is often suspected as spam mail and placed in these mailboxes.

    Email Scanners
    Some virus scanners also include a spam filter. They work similar to the spam mail filters described above. These scanners will usually create a new folder in your email program (such as Microsoft Outlook, and Eudora) and store suspected spam email in them. Some scanners will also prefix the email title with the text "***SPAM***" or something similar.

    What can I do to stop AQ emails from being treated as spam?
    Spam Mail Filters
    The email services will usually allow you to set certain email addresses as trusted sources. You need to include's email address as a trusted source. Check the help section of your email service to find out how to do this.

    Email Scanners
    Similarly, most email scanners should allow you to include certain email addresses as trusted sources. Again, check the help section of your email scanners to find out how to do this.

    How do I check and update the email address in my AQ account?
    Click here to check and update your email address.

    AQ's email address is, but change the _at_ to a @ sign.
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