Just doing a short write up. on the archos gmin 402/402 camcorder

I bought this S$580 (as opposed to a pd70x) because it offers a couple of features.

a) usb to go feature. this means that you can plug a usb card reader into the machine, then plug in your cf/sd/xd/rs-mmc card into it and copy the files from the card into the 20GB hdd.

b) it has good mp3 playback (I think better than ipod).

c) plays videos and photos (so you can shoot raw+jpg with your camera and preview the jpg at the very least).

d) you can hook up an external usb harddisk to it, voila, instant capacity enlargement. (although your battery life will suffer, so its good for where you have access to a power socket)

not enough third party accessories.(everything else nearly for ipod)
default headphones suck (when have default headphones ever been good)