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Thread: Snails and Malaise

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    Arrow Snails and Malaise

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    Hello! Hello

    I am the newbie to on-line forums and I am here because I am a problem with my planted aquarium. Specifically….snails…..description:

    Small, 1/8 inch or less long
    Light coloured, white or tan
    Spiral, pointy shells.

    At first, since they were small and not terribly prolific, I did not concern myself with them. Now, I think they are affecting the health of my plants. The Java Ferns, their favourite plant, is not its normal robust self. I bought a Yo-Yo Loach, but its snail slayer reputation is greater than reality. The snails will not enter a trap baited with shrimp.

    Keep in mind the general malaise of my tank may not be caused by the snails. Please check my web page for specifications.

    Any suggestions ?

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    First, warm welcome to AQ.

    From your description (apart from the colour) the snails in your tank appear to be Malayan Trumpet Snails (do a search, or post a photo). If it is... you can be sure it is not the snail that is causing the problem. The MTS is an algae and detritis eater that comes out only when the lights go off. They will help you keep your tank free of algae.

    They do, however, reproduce very prolifically, and the yoyos will generally not eat them. Even puffers will only eat the very young ones.

    I notice that you are running an airpump. That could be one of the problems as the agitation resulting from the air-bubbles may result in CO2 lost. Beyond that you will need to specify more accurately your lighting duration and fertilisation regime, etc for some of the experts resident here to help you.


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    Thank you John...

    These snails are not nocturnal but I will research MTS. Information on lights and current fertilizers program has been placed on maintenance page. The plan of action is

    1) Use zucchini as bait to catch shrimp
    2) Research fertilizer and start to do something
    3) Put in smaller air pump

    Sound like a plan?

    I put photos on my web page


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    Introduce 2 or 3 small puffers to nib at the small snails. Hand pick the larger ones out. Malayan trumpet infested my tank before. It took me a week to rid all of them. Till today I still leave 1 small puffer in there, just in case.

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    I thought puffers were brackish water fish? In any case I will try the zucchini cure first. It is easy to introduce fish but problematic to remove them.....


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