My turn... wrote this during office hours, again~

I am a boy deep inside (please be misled by my nick), 30+ still no gf , married to plants & fishes instead, quiet, laid back & easy going

Stays around Clementi = only know C328.

Likes/Interests: Traveling, photography (but knows nothing), Badminton, jogs (likes sport shoes), cycling (at ECP only), movies, plays the guitar a little, everything about planted tanks & fishes, interior design & landscaping, gaming, read all kinda junks (but remember none)

Currently owns: 2ft by 1ft tank = E.Tenellus, Riccia, TW & Java Moss, few tetras & cherry barbs & tons of cherry shrimps, 2 CRS but 1 casualty

Loves to meet some nice ppl here someday