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Thread: PFK Fishnews: New loach described from China - Crossostoma fasciolatus

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    Scientists have described a new species of homalopterid loach from Zhejiang in China. Wang Huo-Gen, Fan Zhong-Yong and Chen Ying named the new species from Liquang Rivulet as Crossostoma fasciolatus in a paper in the current volume of Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica.

    The authors state that Crossostoma fasciolatus differs from Crossostoma davidi by the following combination of features:

    "18-22 bar anomalistic grey-brownish stripe on body sides; naked area in abdomen exceed to behind middle point between origin of pectoral to ventral fin; with unconspicuous brown spot on name; length of snout bigger than basilar length of dorsal fin."

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